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  1. Don’t worry, apparently not all of us are afforded the privilege of posting images, even paying plus members. When I asked @Jordan Miller about it he claimed it was a bug, I wonder if that’s still the case. BTW I love all of the examples you listed. I wish you could get credit for your ideas but sadly, you’ll probably be ignored over posts with real images. I’m a supporter of exhale but I wouldn’t blame you for turning to alts like twitter where your contributions aren’t limited. Hmu @magnetarprime 🤷‍♂️
  2. It’s art. I support artistic endeavors. I don’t know enough about her to weigh in on whether or not she needs a cship, but I will say this level of wackyness is not proof of anything either way. I will defend people’s right to be weird on social media as a matter of principle. She might need all the help in the world but I wouldn’t indict her on it based on this clip. If you’re pouncing on her for this and calling her crazy, then you’re making a fool out of everyone who cares about #freebritney
  3. Lol she’s not even legally a human and you thought she was serious haha It’s like getting mad at a zoo animal for announcing their annual migration across Africa. Can’t tell if it’s hilarious or sad
  4. This is a sign of deep mental instability imo. I hope she gets the help she needs soon.
  5. So nice to know I’m not the only one that thinks this is candy.
  6. For real. I joined a long time ago just to check it out. I don't get why people are policing what others do so strictly, especially when it means nothing.
  7. Exactly. I've never seen anyone pull off a mona lisa smile better than the circus cover. It was perfect for the whole caged circus animal motif that era. Same for that killer devilish glare in FF.
  8. Sure, I agree. But for someone who has known issues with self-consciousness and body image, that's going to be tricky for him when trends change and he's stuck with his decisions.
  9. Getting this level of tattoo coverage has become such a fad in recent years, and just like every other fad, this will go out of style in due time and these poor 'tough' guys are gonna be stuck looking like clowns.
  10. Yeah I get how important the title is in getting the video exposure, I'm not mad about it. Even though I kinda went on a rant about how pointless it all was, it's worth clarifying that I think it's still good coverage of the situation and certainly worth a watch. I might disagree with a point here and there but it was informative and entertaining, so thanks for putting the time in to put this together.
  11. Kind of a stretch to say that the entire movement imploded as stated in the title but beside that it's a good recap. As long as she has legal constraints on her life, there will be fans who will support the fight for her freedom, and that's all that matters. I think these bickering accounts (and even jordy thinking he should have been part of the discussion ) all have an inflated sense of their role in the movement. I doubt any true supporters of #freebritney are swayed in any meaningful way when it comes to this petty drama. It's literally so pointless and irrelevant. Sure, lawyersforbrit, britsgram, BH/exhale, etc are some mediums through which the movement is discussed, but they could all disappear tomorrow and #freebritney would remain as strong as ever. The fight for her freedom belongs to her supporters and exists independently of these outlets. Can't help but think the attention this has brought to these accounts has gone to their head, it's sad to see.
  12. Don't drag me but I actually LOVE the Femme Fatale album cover.
  13. Being sanctimonious is also douchey, but that's just my opinion
  14. That's fine and dandy, but storming the nations capital building to disrupt democratic processes is not ok no matter what you believe in.
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