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  1. A break from house cleaning?? I don't even clean my house lol
  2. I agree. Just like I'm currently working to reach an understanding with Anna Wintour about my Met Gala invite, Jamie is just trying to weasel his way into an arrangement that will have no need for him and have nothing to do with him. We've long speculated about his evil intentions but we've never had such concrete proof that they are rooted in reality until now. A caring father who is acting as a guardian in good-faith would gladly entrust her fortune to a reputable fiduciary like Bessemer, so the fact that he's now asking for a cut is honestly so beyond desperate and pathetic. I don't know why I expected any different from Jamie but seeing him play out this sloppy strategy as things unravel is really concerning. I'm worried that his tactics will just keep getting dirtier the closer Brit gets to freedom. He's been so aggressive in court sealing certain vague truths that supposedly would irreparably harm Brit's career if they got out, I wouldn't put it past him to leverage this knowledge against her in the future.
  3. Is he tryna get papped on purpose? With that mask and peasant outfit I can’t imagine he’d be instantly recognizable to most people.
  4. I’m not a big fan of gender specific lyrics not because I’m woke but because I look like a doof singing them out loud.
  5. Very cool. I don’t look good in a tank top but I can definitely rock this
  6. I wonder if she's even allowed to vote since she's not legally a person in most respects.
  7. I agree, it's a look. I think the 3 music video is a good example of a time they let her run with the unkemptney messy curls vibe and she pulled it off because it was a highly produced, elevated version of this; obviously, she doesn't have the ability to do that with her bodyguard's busted android but I appreciate the effort and creativity she put into it. To me, this kind of homey project is a sign of a more artistic and well-adjusted person than the fearful camera-shy robot person we've seen before.
  8. We might be the only ones that care, at first and that's ok! It's still a good way for folks to discover us over time. It would also be a cool format for AMA's not only because the audio/video format seems to have worked well in the past but it's also a good cross-promotional opportunity. We can also help with putting together the topics for each episode if you need help (which you probably don't since the topics pretty much write themselves here). There's a lot you can do to integrate the exhale experience with the pod in fun ways. It really helps that you can rely on an established online community to engage with. The legends pod guys for example have been trying to better establish their online community, they even started a discord server which is honestly flopping hard now so youu definitely have a competitive advantage there. Also if you're worried it won't gain enough traction to be worth the effort or don't know if you'll even like doing it long-term, maybe you could try what the legends pod did and start with a limited series that's intended to be short and finite, then you could build on that if you decide to. I don't mean to keep comparing you with the legends folks but I don't think there's anything wrong with learning from what they're doing and I do think there's plenty of room in the category for both.
  9. True. Alejandro Sanz is gross in real life but he’s my husband in that video
  10. Unpopular opinion but honestly, HIAM does it for me every time. It’s hard to describe but the vocals have a crazy fractal layering that most people don’t notice, it’s almost hypnotizing.
  11. Yes, I'm a podcast fiend I'm obsessed with the Legends Only pod but my head gets ripped off everytime I bring them up here so it'd be nice to have a shared pod experience with fellow exhalers.
  12. Wow this is so tragic and horrible. I hope he turns out to be one of the cases that are able to live for decades. Poor guy :(
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