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  1. IG @ iamgiorgiorafael. Could Say Corona Blues but it was blonde. Didnt like the blonde so went back to black
  2. I can see MTV teasing Britney, and its just Britney with a prerecorded message saying and the winner is whoever... they can really bring lots of views if they play their cards right with Britney performing a new song music video style
  3. This is going to be a long post.... Whoever has said that just because the videos are old and were accepted back then really needs to learn his history and educate themselves. It has NEVER been ok to make racist comments or slurs at anyone white, people of color or from any other nationality. I do however see the video as campy not really trying to offend anyone. We have seen drag queens do the same impersonating someone at local bars and clubs and see it as a form of entertainment. Black Live Matter is a movement that really is trying to portray the injustices within the black community. However the United States has not been kind to people of color (black, hispanic and immigrants) we all have been somewhat racist or have been called names at a point of our lives. Oh I dont like dating girls or dudes because they are asian, or black or hispanic is one way of putting it. However we dont call it racism we call it having a preference. I am hispanic from Puerto Rico, and each country has their own racism. I also thought being gay was a one way ticket to hell, because I was taught that it was wrong to love someone from the same gender, but when questioning teachings in the Bible it also says God is love, so if I love a man how can God be wrong, needless to say I no longer believe in religion but I do believe in God. BTW before someone comes at me for saying this lookup the Council of Trent (they decided which books go into the Bible). While in the military I saw a lot of racism as well. Some even claiming I was not American because I was born in the island. EDUCATION is key. There is no point of cancelling someone if you do not educate them, people can grow and mature.
  4. I work for an ecommerce company that sells As Seen On TV products prior to that I served in the U.S. Marine Corps. degree on computer systems and programming. Would love to branch out and learn new things too
  5. where can we get this full mix! sounds great!
  6. I like the new feel of the update on my mac
  7. Hey guys in case anyone is interested in installing the iOS betas you can find them on betaprofiles.com
  8. I love your BreatheHeavy old logo and the Exhale logo too very unique!
  9. Does anyone know the fonts used in the exhale logo? and the breathe heavy logo (the old one)
  10. @DerrickBarry What has been your most difficult song of Britney's to perform? On All Stars you wanted to break out of just being a Britney impersonator, what can we expect from Derrick going forward? Have you ever visited Puerto Rico?
  11. Im sorry but his act compared to the other queens was pretty bad. I wished they would have given Derick another chance though.
  12. Yaaaaaaas it has ended the launch of Chromatica! # in the USA!
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