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  1. Love to see Xtina being praised by her peers a little, don’t think this happened enough for her which really is a bummer. She for sure can be annoying as hell while oversinging almost every note, but anyways she one hell of a vocalist and musician.
  2. OMG the 15 year old inside me is screaming!!! I still sing Stuck around the house all the time
  3. Kate Hudson too, not always but sometimes, specially with her hair pulled back.
  4. Wonder when will God ask you to disappear hope it's soon. k bye
  5. Bish you didn’t have any problem talking **** about Britney so go F yourself with that shaming woman **** you irrelevant has been bye and don’t ever come back
  6. It’s like that Lady Gaga meme, only it’s the opposite. Embarrassing, unnecessary, unoriginal, uninteresting, uninspired, the list goes on. Love Nashe to death, tho. Sis just needs to keep going forward with her collabs, NOT backwards. Burn.
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