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  1. There's so many good ones Bo Ooh ooh baby, get naked, perfect lover Circus Blur, unusual you, lace and leather Aannnd amnesia
  2. I'm not saying I don't believe in prayer or that britney doesn't deserved to be prayed for (I do both actually) I just simply don't believe that the conservatorship is a valid reason to believe that britney is unable to pray Again I still didn't watch the video because it still seems like poppycock to me but I am praying FOR her
  3. That was the first thing that really happened in this conservatorship that really truly made me go wtf how can that even happen
  4. It is literally not possible to prevent someone from praying Like literally I can pray laying in bed before falling asleep... its thoughts? She still has a brain doesn't she I didn't watch cos this is ridiculous
  5. I'm wondering if the choppy editing is to avoid ig from banning the video due to the song usage.... id say 99% of my ig posts with music get dropped because of this and hers never do... of course I'm just regular old me and she's britney spears so maybe she gets special privileges
  6. I don't think anyone knows who I am I don't even know what album I stan I used to think it was blackout but then last year I got really into both ITZ but I'm currently living for FF I can't choose
  7. Vyvanse is extremely easy to abuse. I had a friend who was prescribed to take it 4 times a day which is INSANE. She used to give me just one each day and I would no joke be awake for 24 hours straight, easily. It makes you feel super productive and energized and like you can take on the world. Another side effect is weight loss. Its a hell of a drug... I considered asking my own doctor for my own prescription but was worried he would think I was wanting it for the wrong reasons (I was) My friend on the other hand, ended up with major major issues. She ended up weighing only about 85lbs, developed many other issues which was then prescribed various other medications to treat (on top of the Vyvanse she was still taking) and basically really seriously effed her up
  8. https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/pictures/paris-hilton-miley-cyrus-more-celebs-support-freebritney-movement/miley-cyrus-53/ This article was clearly written by a stan... it lists almost every celebrity that has spoken positively of Britney since last year Its a good list except there's a few people in there getting praise for trash
  9. I've always disliked her which would be why I never saw these cos I just avoided her entirely but she's really just so gross. Why hasn't she been canceled yet
  10. I never saw the Larry King Kathy griffin part... what even was that? It was like she brought her up just for the sake of commenting on her mental state... glad Larry King didn't seem to want to take the bait
  11. I watched on global too... and okay I def enjoyed this but I feel it was a missed opportunity with the amount of times she said the word governor to not go full British and go call the governor to stage And I definitely laughed out loud at "are u ok" and I get this question a lot Her mannerisms were spot on for 2021ney
  12. It doesn't seem to be in my Netflix fiance was gonna let me choose tonight but it wasn't there and we ended up watching something super lame instead
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