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  1. It took me until I was today years old to realize this could be interpreted as blue meaning sad when I always just thought it was a weird song about a physically blue person..... don’t like the remix
  2. So funny I recently dyed my hair blue so this song has come up quite a bit lol https://postimg.cc/V5SMLd3d
  3. YASSSSS. Bad, Breakaway, Much Too Much, Games, Bend Over Backwards, Fear of Being Alone...
  4. I’m obsessed with music. However, my favorite song of all time has got to be Like A Stone - Audioslave. The music, the lyrics, Chris Cornell... #emo
  5. If this really is her posting how is someone letting this happen? She is destroying her legacy. Where is her family? This is really sad to me...
  6. Sadly I feel if she hasn’t been released by now, it’s not anytime soon..
  7. After watching this, starting to feel like maybe she does write her captions...
  8. I feel like this is great news. Could the BLM movement actually be changing things? I sure hope so.
  9. She could literally fart into the phone for new vocals and I’d be stoked
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