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  1. Wow he really plugged his own acting gig right in there too lol
  2. YES YES YESSSSSS! They would be so cute together and I’ve heard he’s the nicest guy! He’s worked through a lot of trauma as well and I’m sure he’d be really supportive in her healing journey ❤️
  3. Oh I totally agree. No matter what happened, she deserves to be able to make her own decisions and run her own life. One of my big hopes is that she’s able to be an advocate one she’s free from the c-ship someday. ❤️
  4. So this is just the thought that kept popping into my head while reading his tweets and reading through this thread. It’s entirely possible that when he says the reason for the c-ship “isn’t flattering” for her, he may just be talking for a place of internalized stigma. He may just be talking about a suicide attempt, a stigmatized disorder, etc, he might not be referring to her doing any kind of awful thing. Even if she did do something bad, it doesn’t warrant a conservatorship for 12 years. Maybe her handlers led her to believe she did something horrible. In FTR she talks about how even when you’re in jail you know there’s a time when you’ll be free, maybe she feels like the c-ship is her endless jail sentence for whatever she did, even if all she did was have a breakdown. Sorry for how ramble-y this is, I hope it came across at least a little coherent lol.
  5. Exactly! I love Elton, he’s enormously talented, but sometimes the stuff he says is just unnecessary
  6. I’m usually not on to get into conspiracy theories, but all of this is scaring me.
  7. Yeah that’s definitely sort of creepy to be honest. Regardless of any shady things she’s said or done in the past, I hope she’s okay. I’m hoping that she just filmed that “in character” since she’s dressed in a clown costume because otherwise it’s definitely a really weird video. It’s uncomfortable to watch because it almost feels like watching someone’s private meltdown, especially with whatever those noises were at the end.
  8. First of all, this thread is gross, so there’s that. But I just started watching that video and it’s weird af for sure. Is this normal behavior for Katy? I don’t know that much about her.
  9. Ignore this, I got to that point in the video and understand the context now. When he was talking about her swaying and it being a sign of stress and anxiety, it made me think of the zoo animals will pace and sway when they’re stressed and not being treated well. Its so unbelievably sad that her situation isn’t all that far off from that. Britney deserves all the love, peace, and happiness in the world and I wish there was more we could do to help her. ❤️
  10. Whoa when was that picture on her instagram? She looks so scared and upset 😫
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