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  1. I like Celtic Frost's Monotheist. It's really raw. I used to listen to plenty extreme metal alongside pop music when I was younger.
  2. Rihanna, I like all albums. Lana sans Lust for Life. Ariana except her first album. PCD
  3. They look promising, thanks. o.o I def fell behind all these new things.
  4. I know, but for me buds are inconvinient, I prefer Air Pod type earphones, but they (samsung) never released such type.
  5. I didn't check that model out much (apart from camera) since didn't want to change my phone yet. But pity. Honestly, I do find bluetooth earphones/headphones annoying since I am lazy to charge them regularly.
  6. S 10+, I like it. I hope they don't ditch the headphone jack on next release
  7. A pentagram represents priority of mind over carnal things. That's occultism. It doesn't equal witchcraft or satanism.
  8. I enjoyed earlier seasons, but I guess it was necessary to put end to this long ago.
  9. When was pentagram satanic thing? A pentagram upside down is. That one one the cover is just a star. Anyway cover and name of the album are meh to me. I don't expect much from this release. From NFR I only loved Venice & Doin' Time ><
  10. Britney Rihanna PCD Nicole Scherzinger Girls Aloud Cheryl Nicola Roberts (Cinderella's Eyes is a flawless album) Lana del Rey with something more a la first 3 releases Paris Hilton Fergie Gwen Stefani Ariana
  11. Not going to be original, but mostly spinned these two: Future Nostalgia Sawayama honorable mentions - Rare More & More Twice Chromatica - getting into it very slowly somehow
  12. Most of GP generally don't care at who is singing. I am fine with Nicole singing the lead. If other girls wouldn't agree, they wouldn't join this reunion. We still didn't see what else they've got there. As long as it's a bop I don't care, I also wish the other girls to get back in the spotlight instead of beind somewhere out there forgotten.
  13. Nice, I guess the new music will follow the line of her latest releases, but I secretly want something a la BTD too.
  14. None. I was using Google Music before tho. (It wasn't blocked by wifi I have to use when I am abroad, so I saved on data)
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