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  1. A lot of weird stuff have been happening to me, basically all my life, but this one story is by far the weirdest one, i still have PTSD syndroms thinking about it It was last summer, just a normal, chill afternoon, i was basically was sitting on the couch as my dog walked by to go sit on her bed we have behind the “L” part of the sectional. She had something small caught in her throat last night, I think a popcorn shell, so I was paying attention to her breathing just to make sure she got it out. For a few minutes she was breathing fine, and then what sounded like a light snore started happening. This is semi-normal for her depending on what position she’s laying in, so I didn’t bother to go over and check on her. That went on for about 5 minutes, until the most disgusting(and to my now realization, terrifying) snore/cough/wheezing sound started happening. I go over to her to make sure she’s okay, and the exact moment I looked at her bed the sound stoped ‘mid-breath’ and she wasn’t there. She was outside with my parents, had been for around 30minuets. There’s no way to get out of the room without walking right past me. I still don’t know who’s fkn dog I saw, and what was making that weird and creepy sound 5 feet away from me...
  2. Halloween kinda lost its meaning, basically now, halloween is JUST an excuse to dress cute and sexy, it basically became a cosplay event..
  3. I mean, we should have known her fanbase wasn't that big when her movie that went to theaters pretty much bombed. It's crazy though because she was huge at one time. I'm guessing her fans just moved on or were never that dedicated to begin with. She never had a huge core fanbase and was largely successful due to the GP liking her music. Unfortunately many of the stans she did have left during the disappointing witness era and its associated tomfoolery which i can't really blame them for. Her fanbase was not big to beging with and then she alienated 75% of them during Witness so yeah all she has left are some pity stans and nostalgia fans. Even Barbz are stronger at this point. I find it so strange how her fans can't get her new songs to #1 on iTunes even if it's only for a hot minute when it's a 'dead platform' and even acts as Nicki Minaj in 2020 still manage to do it. This lack of loyalty/compromise as a fanbase, coming from someone who's been as big as her, is so bizarre. She got cocky and believed the GP isn't fickle. That was foolish of her and now she is where she is. There are certainly people who still follow her, but it doesn't seem to be a real movement, that will support her no matter what, as MJ fans, Madonna fans, or Gaga would do. All of the popstars had their underperformances BUT thanks to their fanbases they did not flop that hard, how come Katy Perry has a few amount of fans left WW that can't even keep her on the charts for 2-3 weeks ? Did she treated them badly that they turned their back on her ? is it the Obama joke ? the haircut ? the blond hair ? the migos endorsement ? Her music was always aimed to soccer moms, teenagers and little kids in first which were her main demographic, they "used" her music, bought cds-songs, went to concerts, but they eventually grown up and moved on from her teen bubble gum pop, especially when it started to become out of fashion, her downfall is actually not surprising, especially when an artist doesn't have an artistic evolution or grown. But she mainly made music for kids (especially her visuals) so it's not surprising. Her stans were mostly children back in 2010 and after they grew up they realized it wasn't cool to stan Katy Perry. She never managed to build a big fanbase, she was the GP darling but once they ditched her out, she only got left with her fans and many of them didn't enjoy the new music so... It's basically what happened to Avril Lavigne, she had a lot of kids that support her music when she was huge at the beginning then they dropped her growing up. This would have been Britney's fate but unlike Katy, Britney and her stans were teens and grew up with each other. Katy was in her 20's making teenage music... Be a clown , be a clown, All the world loves a clown. Act the fool , play the calf, And you'll always have the last laugh .
  4. This song goes incredibly well with her vibe , it's cohesive with the rest of her discography, it's almost like the song was made for her; really coool. She looks great. This woman must be a vampire.
  5. She sounds like a vocaloid on this song Queen of sounding like Sophia The Robot and Hatsune Miku at the same time
  6. She doesn't want to. After the big success of Loose she turned down many collaborations with famous artists and producers.
  7. This whole thing just shows how willing people would be to betray their own families just to get a piece of the cake. It is sad how money corrupts people, even to the point of enslaving one's own children. Remember, you can’t take your money to your grave. These people are leeches, psychic vampires who are fed by Britney's vital energy.
  8. A lot of people here have no idea what they're talking about. The Asian market is not only about K-pop. Stop reducing the asian music industry to that corporate junk music. Go look up artists like Mai Yamane, Toshiki Kadomatsu, Pizzacato Five, Anri, Nujabes, Capsule, Cibo Matto etc.
  9. I'm not saying that she's totally devoid of any depth, but apart from her catchy hits I have the impression that there's no active Katy Perry mythology, i'm not sure how to explain it, but for example, Madonna has made a few things that aren't music but still related to her the "madonna" mythology, like for example the "S-E-X" book. Same for Gaga. Gaga has the meat dress, she has her crazy outfits, she has A Star Is Born/American Horror Story, those things make her exist even outside the world of pop music. "Lady Gaga", the pop character/persona is still living and breathing even when she's not making music because she has created a certain lore / folklore that her fans are keeping alive. Gaga's fans have written books about her, they've made shortfilms, they even made video games about her. There's also something intriguing about madonna as a 'pop character', because even if you're not interested in her music, you still know what she's about. Katy Perry seems like she has no real identity anymore, she just goes with the flow, which is one of the reasons why she doesn't have a true fanbase imo. Her fanbase was the GP. This is just my opinion tho and i'm not claiming to be an expert or something. I'm not saying those are facts.
  10. The problem with Katy is that her art requires relatively little analytical work, it's quite chewed and pre-chewed so there's not really a desire to learn from such a one-dimentional pop mythology. Some popstars like Gaga, Madonna etc require a quite heavy work of decoding, they offer an universe, unlike popstars who just offer a product already ready to consume. The mythology of a popstar has to be both interesting and offer possibilities to explore. Even when Gaga started flopping she still had a dedicated fanbase, analyzing every step in her career. which isn't the case for Katy. There's nothing about her that makes you want to analyse , question, or learn things from. She's vanilla. Dr Luke gave her that little substance that she lacks today.
  11. elthon john is so salty at madge at this point its not even funny anymore its just getting old he been shading her for 989828582255 years now
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