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  1. I don't care about that. This shouldn't even be used to defend music. People need to stop thinking that artists need to win Grammys in order to make a cultural impact, you don't need to win any award to be musically influential. This is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Award shows are nothing but a promotional circle jerk for “the business” and always have been. It's just a tool for the mainstream megacorp music labels like Universal Music Group to promote their products/artists. They never nominate artists who aren't part of the Universal Music Group spectrum. Bob Marley never won ANY grammys, he never had a number one single, yet he is probably more legendary and globally famous than a lot of people who have won grammys. Do you think The Chainsmokers and Megan Trainot are more important than Bob Marley? There are so many people in the world just as deserving that we may never discover because they haven’t been packaged up and marketed to the masses. The Grammys are worthless because not only do they judge and award one of the most highly subjective areas of art, but it’s done in an even more disrespectful way because people make it out to be like the most accurate, god-like accolade you can receive when they only reward the artists that are popular, will bring in money, and aren’t too dangerous.
  2. harassing this cassie girl will just make her angry and will allegedly result in even weirder/messier instagram posts she's prob take revenge and make even worse instagram posts just to annoy us i don't know
  3. She has a gift for creating infectious melodies that stick in your head. But that doesn't make her not generic. Taylor usually caters to the lowest common denominator. I can't find any uniqueness to her stuff. I can't get a sense that only Taylor can make music like that . What is to stop someone else from making virtually the exact same sounding music? Nothing. A lot of people can sound like Taylor Swift. I will never get why she is so huge.
  4. that's because her music is generic, it appeals to literally everyone, she's not doing anything that we haven't heard or seen before, she's just a radio filler, music that plays on the radio as background noise , nothing interesting
  5. boring cookie-cutter generic music, no flavor if that's what people like then good but stop acting like she's michael jackson or something
  6. Hilson, who collaborated on several songs on Spears' "Blackout" album, has not seen the "Framing Britney Spears" documentary and says she isn't familiar with any of the polarizing allegations, but does remember getting a sample of the pop star's life. "I knew her to be just a genuine young woman who was in very unfortunate type of surveillance at the time when we worked. It was ridiculous. People cut the bushes out of the studio -- like, they cut holes in the bushes where we worked for weeks," recalled Hilson of the paparazzi. "That would literally affect anyone to be under that kind of scrutiny." While adamant she's not taking sides, Hilson said her own family has had the difficult experience of making decisions for a relative unfit to make choices for themselves. So she's thought of Britney often. "I'm obviously going to support her," said Hilson. "I've actually prayed and meditated for her." Source
  7. Was this video originally released in 16/9? Cause idk it always looks like it was originally 4/3 and people keep cropping it to make it 16/9 Maybe i'm just crazy idk
  8. didn't she work on an album for the domination residency but it got cancelled with the residency? some insiders said that matches isn't bad but it's forgettable , britney deserves better
  9. oohh u think so? i feel like it's a bit less restrictive than atrl on atrl u can get warning points just for saying nicknames like "flopga" but yeah censorship is awful i think jordan is careful because this site is hosted by google and he gets the hosting money from ads advisors will refuse to host ads on websites where theres a lot of slurs or nsfw stuff
  10. It's kinda same on every pop forum out there And Twitter suspends accounts very easily ATRL is even worse
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