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  1. y'all are braindead it's already too late for you go back to sniffing poppers while listening to blackout in the background or something who even cares at this point honestly also, what fresh start? lmao no one knows who i am imagine how boring your real life must be to care about ur reputation on some britney forum
  2. I'm tired of this pretentiousness, hypocritical behavior and overbearing sense of entitlement that is present on most pop forums and stan twitter, it's like...if you DARE to say anything nice about Trump, you're automatically seen as an evil person. This attitude isn't helping the world either. You think you're doing something good at the moment? No! You're just creating even more division. The path to permanently ending racism isn’t paved by insulting one race, just as the path to ending ***ual assault crimes against women isn’t going to be benefited by drugging and rap-ing men. Insuling people just because they support Trump causes more hatred and division than progression, love, and unity. People should talk about things that bring us together, things that point out our similarities instead of our differences. Because let's be real that's all you ever hear about in this world. It's our differences. That's all the media and the politicians are ever talking about : the things that separate us, things that make us different from one another. That's the way the ruling class operates in any society. They try to divide the rest of the people. They keep the lower and the middle classes fighting with each other so that they (the rich), can run off with all the money Anything different, that's what they're gonna talk about : race, religion, ethnic and national background, jobs, income, education, social status, ***uality, anything they can do to keep us fighting with each other, so that they can keep going to the bank.
  3. I TOTALLY respect people who want to get healthier and do good things for climat change because YES the production of meat ruins the ecosystems a lot, buuuuuut, why do some ppl feel the need to include their pets into their lifestyles? animals have no clue about all this stuff, stop getting them involved in ur own personal battles, just let them live like normal pets. This is so egocentric and lame of her. I'm really disgusted by people who do this. They claim that they love animals yet they do this? lol
  4. queen she seems like a sweetheart i never got the hate for this lovely girl
  5. It's a weird comparaison, i love them both but they're not really in the same genre, even marketing wise, they weren't trying to reach the same demographic, Brit was aimed at pre-teens and teenagers who were into boy bands and Spice Girls Mariah's career trajectory was totally different, she came in a time where Whitney Houston was pretty much the blueprint and people always compared them, it was harder for Mariah to get her name out there and become successful
  6. The video is serving Target flagrance commercial, Jlo is so basic honestly , she always looks the same , she's clearly lacking ambition and is stuck in 2005 The song is astrocious, are we back in 2012?
  7. i prefer the first one the color grading is more interesting second one looks basic
  8. conventional, usual, normal, plain, basic, generic, vanilla, dull, insipid, uninteresting, unexciting, uninspiring, unstimulating, unoriginal, tired i guess it will be a hit for normies and basic NPCs who get their music through today's top hits playlists and tiktok dance challenges This world is really boring
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