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  1. For me it's Kfed sis... HBU guys?
  2. mess you made a thread, I had dm'ed you when I saw you had joined and were verified lol Anyways, what's an artist you've always dreamed of working with, and any new artist atm you'd like to work with? And of course: do you have any plans to release TEA? Cheers!
  3. Eat, sleep, browse the webz, Nah I do that now but when I go back to college in August I'm gonna switch my major to journalism
  4. Oh wow so really close to me lol
  5. I've never had a celebrity/model crush. Seems cheesy Although my fav p 0 r n star is Diego Grant (fulltimepapi on OnlyFans) Damn what a god
  6. You're the closest to me lol. I'm in Syracuse NY and I have family In Mass lol
  7. "One Last Night" You look so daring under a solitary light Rays reflecting off your figure and into my field of view I reach out my hand into the night My fingers fall on swaths of skin I can barely see of you And it's such a rush of bliss It's simple and it's clear It's something I will reminisce when I don't have you here Remind me every time What it feels like to be in love Forever can last for an entire night if you give a little shove And I know that you fear that this won't last Of course we both know that that's true But we don't have to rush to save a bit Let me savor this moment with you I guess I look quite good in the solitude of night Figures darting on the walls as cars pass by below You reach out your hand amidst the light Your arms embracing the one you love that you never thought you'd know And it's a moment of expression It's ecstatic yet restrained It's something I'll never mention but to myself in times of pain And I'll remind myself every time What it felt like to be in love A night can linger with you forever if you give it space above And I know that you've moved on from me Everyone wanted you to stay But I can't help but think of who you'd be If you hadn't slipped away
  8. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eXbsmShV0OFWuHVz24bPwQ4hzDGb_teU?usp=sharing
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