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  1. well, I hardly post in this forum... I ask the question because I feel just like you. I honestly want Britney to be happy and enjoy a simple life, I do want new music from her, music is okay but what I disagree with it's the idea of her in the public eye promoting ****, doing interviews, and maybe a Tour. All these videos she's posting on Instagram are hurting to see because she's clearly not in a healthy position. The way she acts, the way she speaks, it's definitely not normal. I honestly care more about her mental health than anything else in Britney's world. If you feel attacked or some kind of guilt it's not our fault, or anyone's in this forum. I think it's important as a fandom to ask these kinds of questions, it's disgusting to think about it, YES but we need to pass through that.
  2. This is a question I've been wondering since Mood Ring was released and now with the Remixes everybody seems to forget the whole Free Britney movement. Don't get me wrong, i love Britney SO MUCH and I grew up with her music and these new remixes are great and I loved the new alternate vocals but are we going to keep feeding their team? The same people doing all the choices for Britney. The woman clearly needs a rest from the spotlight, she needs to rest and stay the **** away from social media and we're not helping Britney by consuming this new stuff her team putting out. What your opinion on this? I don't want to be hated for this comments, is just a thought.
  3. I just posted my 'Enigma' remix. This one was pretty hard to finish!
  4. My favorite remix is Everytime (The Scumfrog Vocal Mix)
  5. I'm curious if any of you guys have heard any good unofficial remixes off this album because I might want to remix the whole thing and I need to hear the competition lol Related:
  6. i like the half part of the necklace that's missing
  7. If Lana tells me to **** off I would say THANK YOU.
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