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  1. I like her and all, don't get me wrong. She's cute, and the production of her songs are ... Maybe I haven't listened enough, but I feel like she would be a bigger deal if her voice was stronger and more unique.
  2. I hope it really is over. I was trying to read through the pages in this thread, and it is exhausting. Sometimes I live for the drama but not this...
  3. Woah.... just read some of the past few pages... can you guys just stop with this drama and get along? We all have our opinions, but there’s no need for cancelling each other and bringing each other down. As for the GaGa lover guy on the thread like a week ago who was wanting Britney to be behind bars, I get it. I was canceling him for good reason. I don’t know all the drama between you two, but I love @OnlyFactsand @Roxxy so I wish I could do something to make you two get along. Please let’s have healthy debates and share our opinions and move past this?
  4. I strongly disagree.... I still watch it from time to time, and it’s ICONIC. I love Britney’s rendition of Like A Virgin, and it showcases so many of the huge stars of that time.
  5. I’d love to hear your stuff! I’m a little shy about my music, and especially with that album... it was like four years ago... and I haven’t shown many people. Long story kinda lol
  6. Also I've made an album with 11 tracks... it's hard but a lot of people do it.
  7. Ok I'll give that to you -- maybe overhyped is a better way of putting it.
  8. Where did you find the amount of sales? Tried looking it up online, but I couldn't find it... And I don't count views for being a hit... because a lot of videos have a lot of views... I do think she's big, but I think she's a little overrated.. Grammy night was the moment I knew... It's like the AMA's when Camila Cabello was everywhere and everything and in three different performances even.
  9. LOL only the truth from Jesus. I should have known And yayyyy you're my exhale BFF too!!
  10. Lol I knew we’d be compatible! Ummm you have to find out your time of birth then look it up online!
  11. There was a song by them called Breakers that I used to really like!! I haven't hear their newer stuff tho, and it sounds so good!!
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