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  1. Gimme More Get Naked (I Got A Plan) Outrageous Up n Down 3 Unusual You Someday I( Will Understand) Dont Hang Up Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know Im a Slave 4 U Scary Boys (co ed) Blur He About To Lose Me Trouble Til The World Ends Get Back
  2. she looked absolutely stunning that night, SUCH a serve but, yes she looked so nervous and only said things were "cool" like twice that's it. and it's sad that she can't see how much she has accomplished and how much of a legend she is.
  3. a fun topic that I think about a lot, but also just for bringing something lighthearted to the forums with all the craziness If you were in charge of Britney's career from the start, what would you have done differently than things team B did. Or concepts you would have loved to see with anything that has to do with her career. Singles, albums, merch/promo, fragrances, tours, etc.
  4. took a while, but definitely fun 1. scary 2. get naked 3. hot as ice 4. get back 5. circus over to you now 6. unusual you 7. blur 8. amnesia 9. trouble 10. boys 11. me against the music 12. gimme more 13. up n down 14. drop dead beautiful 15. early mornin 16. someday 17. outrageous 18. touch of my hand 19. over to you now 20. break the ice
  5. Gimme More 3 Womanizer Hold it Against Me Slave Me Against the Music Someday My Prerogative Oops Make me Baby Work *****
  6. Womanizer as #1 is just such a basic pick compared to the rest of the GEMS on the album. IFUSA deserved first
  7. never listened to the original til now.... Britney def made it her own
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