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    I am a Lifestyle Content Creator on YouTube and Advanced Selfie Photographer. Plus, I used to be a dancer 😉
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  1. I feel like a 15-year-old teenager when I think about her. The crush is real her version is F A B U L O U S Rina, marry me
  2. My personal favorite album of the year so far is Sawayama by Rina Sawayama, but, I love Jessie's music so this could be high on the list!
  3. is my GOD! She is everything and more of how I want to be at 48!
  4. I have the biggest CRUSH on her. She is FIRE! Plus, that's my album of the year!
  5. MONSTER - all time fav 🖤 ARTPOP - love the weirdness of it 🖤 SINE FROM ABOVE - newest obsession 🖤 HONORABLE MENTIONS:
  6. Haha, how cool is this! I actually did it a few days ago and honestly, wasn't surprised by the result... I am a COMMANDER. Extraverted Intuitive Thinking Judging Assertive
  7. Croatia, but currently in Germany. Although... a nomad.
  8. As a Content Creator and a fellow YouTuber (a rookie I might say) I know how much work people are putting into this so this is a shameless plug. I know, maybe it's not ok to do with some of you...but I have to be my own favorite YouTuber first. If anyone has time or is curious check it out. Have a great day humans 💖
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