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  1. I remember when I was about 10/11 yrs old, one of my classmate (boy) said that he really liked JLo. And every boy was laughing at him saying that its too girly blah blah blah. We, girls start to defend him. There's nothing wrong in enjoying female artist music if you are boy. He thank us later, said that he was insecure and ashamed of his choice of music, but us stading on his side helped him grow confident. Actually after that discussion, boys where more open in playing with "girly" games with us.
  2. I've lost my voice at 30STM concerts a few times 🤩😍
  3. Circus starring: Britney Spears 💝💖
  4. I really don't care what kind of music it be. I want to hear what Britney want to sing, what she have to tell. But, isn't she is due one more album on her contract? So I guess, it will be very generic and cash grab album.
  5. State of grace. Second choice she'll never be me
  6. I had many pets in my life. Today I'm down to one. Mini jack Russell terrier. Named Jake, 12 years old young 🐕
  7. I resetly have same bug. I guess it some kind of pop-up as that never appears. By the time I'm able to get it off, I'm loosing will to comment.
  8. Well, I'm still quite silent on the rest of the internet. But, tip toe around breaveheavy a bit more 😊
  9. I had bad experience with the internet people attacking me just because my opinion is different from them. And not even on large topics, for stupid things really. So, I decided to keep it quiet. I was shadowing breaveheavy for a while and even had account but never commented. The song of the day challenged made me give it another try 😁
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