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  1. I'll just be honest and say that i've never really considered him any kind of icon, queer or otherwise.
  2. What is her obsession with trying to make internet memes in music videos work? It's so cringy. It's not going to work, it's never going to work.
  3. Oh girls this is just embarrassing Imagine this not being 0%
  4. Bet he's still going to donate and support Trump's reelection campaign though isn't he? He's donating this money to the families but the list of families effected is only going to grow while Trump's America exists.
  5. For me it was always Mel C. That hasn't really changed. She's still releasing bops to this day.
  6. Imma be a little selfish, be a little selfish.
  7. I understand why it never made it on the album, it feels extremely repetitive. It has a cool backing track, but i think the vocals would just get kinda annoying. I feel like they did after just 1 listen.
  8. She knows exactly what she wants and who she wants to be. I'm just not living for who that person is.
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