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  1. Never heard of it but welcome to exhale
  2. How dare you come for the Megarate thread I had to relisten to Belinda Jane and I already have my red carpet look i appreciate your passion. I think it would help her more if we got #FreeBritney trending on youtube with links in the comments to posts on here
  3. I understand where you are coming from BUT there are too many coincidences now that its blatantly hitting us in the faces. This video and post summarizes A LOT
  4. omg he is really going into it...they better not come for him. i think he visits exhale #freebritney
  5. I’ve been thinking and there’s a lot to britneys life I kind of feel like she’s going thru what Prince did with his name and his music. I also think “they” use this to scare and control her life
  6. I guess what I am understanding is that it was implied that you were laughing about roxxy with OF via dm or whatever, then later he tagged you in that post (the pic). He also said that I was talking about Roxxy via DM which isn’t true...so I guess we are wondering if what OF said is true or not.
  7. It all started with you and Puertoricosfinest...you both made it political and when you reported him Roxxy said to stop abusing the report button. If someone wants to support Trump let them. He did not say anything racist. When Roxxy called u out YOU called her racist. I’ve seen you go for others that disagree with you on every other thread, so thats when I jumped in at Roxxys defense. You also said that I DM’d you and talked smack about Roxxy which is a LIE. I’ve come to peace with my portion because I know you won’t admit any fault to it. I have said it before and I will say it again. I will leave you alone if you leave me alone but i will NOT be called a bully or a racist. Furthermore I will not sit here and let you spread more LIES on my OWN thread.
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