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  1. Most pop girls of today would not be able to beat her dancing skills here.... that's all i have to say
  2. I want her to release music... period. Don't care who with. If she actually releases music I hope her dumb fanbase won't boycott her work with the #FreeBritney obssession. She loves music and for her to be free best is that she keeps proving that se can still work. Music makes her happy and that's good for her and for her confidence. Just give us smthg brit!
  3. You need help honestly "Go to the light and see Jesus"
  4. Maybe because fans like you still exist. Fans keep accusing her of not having any control over her social media plus accusing her of sharing old videos. She just wanted to set the record straight. You go Brit!!
  5. It's her to choice to be on social media or not. Nowadays you almost get slaughtered if you dont 'speak up' about certain topics on social media, like that defines who you are. I also choose not to use my social media for speaking up about anything, it's my work page and I already spend too much time on the internet and don't need to spend even more. I'm happy she's staying quiet and living in the present moment and not on the puppet show that is social media.
  6. Nobody will care about mood ring a few months down the line any longer. Will be too late to shoot a mv.
  7. Am I the only one who's not excited for a mood ring mv? It's a 4 year old song... Wouls be better than nothing at all but would just be a little of a non sense move.
  8. This doesn't look legit guys. The video is reporting on old news. I think they just got it mixed up.
  9. I clearly remember my sister having the baby one more time album but never cared for her much until I hit the age of 12 in 2007. I knew a few songs and had seen her live on RIR Lisbon on tv but never cared much as I was too young. I remember my mum telling me to switch the channel when she started performing breathe on me lol. In 2007 a friend from school introduced me to everytime, piece of me and a couple of other songs that he had on a pen drive and that's when my obcession started growing. I remember seeing all that was happening with her at the time in the media and feeling deeply sorry and sad about it. I didn't even know her work so well but something told me it was not right. And from there one thing led to another and by the time the circus era started I was all in. I don't regret not having been a stan during her prime. I love her for who she is and don't expect a return from primeney and that's ok
  10. Have you guys ever been in a dance rehearsal? There's something called marking lol... She's just marking the choreo, leave the bloody woman alone.
  11. Agreed! Why drag her down even more? We should be lifting her up and be hally that she is happy.
  12. if you all want new music from Brit one day you better keep buying her music... just sayin x
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