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  1. So sorry that happened to you, that's what I mean what makes people think they can just be rude, whatever happened to respect.
  2. Absolutely I have never understood why some people think it's okay to express themselves so carelessly.
  3. I agree with you I myself find it a little uncomfortable how deep and serious some people take things, how much they claim to know when they actually don't. I have said this before and I will say it again I am a fan of the music and the work that she has done I respect her as a human being and will not cross that line just the same way I wouldn't want others to do to me.
  4. I was branded that name here on exhale because I posted a happy earth day thread and since then my amigos call me that.
  5. Yay more great news Well time to prepare. They named a tropical storm Bertha my iconic impact on the world. Well they added a B to it but still @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @Roxxy
  6. Honestly I completely forgot about them its been so long.
  7. How do you do ? by Shakira How do you do, how does it feel to be so high are you happy ? do you ever cry ? You've made mistakes well that's okay cause we all have but if I forgive yours will you forgive mine ?
  8. Timor by Shakira If we forget about em don't worry If they forget about us then hurry How about the people who don't matter anymore ?
  9. Over to you I literally never see anyone even mention it.
  10. Britney, glory does nothing for me
  11. I cant even make it past the first 3 seconds I instantly cry Dreaming of you is such a diamond. Yes bidi bidi I be like washer machine.
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