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  1. For Queens i'd choose Avril Lavigne (cause she is so original) Alanis Morissette (cause i like the song Ironic, it feels like a cool roadtrip to Kieran Culkin's ***) Madonna For kings: Justin Timberlake (cause of Mirrors) Justin Bieber (cause of Where Are You Now and What Do You Mean) Shawn Mendes (cause he gets to **** Camila Cabello) of course Britney Spears is to transcend all of them, she is the holy godmother, lets leave her out because we all know she is our number 0 and 1. just for the game, so.
  2. Well for Britney it isn't easy to retire cause she is in conservatorship but for Katy Perry for example it is easy to retire right?
  3. the less active she is in career the more she could do yoga think about it it is great for her and for her body
  4. i figured Michael Phelps is a swimmer too and does yoga Plus, his birthday is 30 June and it is astrologically connected to 2 Dec so it should work out fine vocally sportsmen always have good vocals like Nicki Minaj ;)
  5. omgg not gonna lie these are some of the best vocals we have got from her in YEARS it has filter yes but it don't matter wish her merry FREAKING christmans back everyone
  6. yes! PREACH IT! this year has been... a CHOICE FROM GOD TO BRING US COVID! but it will be better after vaccine next year
  7. i can now say to my musical teacher that i am sharing the knowledge of farts music on exhale. #collaboration,integrity,honesty and musically i-heart-it relationships now we are learning farts with bass sounds and subs. it is groundbreaking, and i am so thankful we are in the school even in the age of covidtech and covidwörriež. its not only that our rooms are sanitary, they are cold and roomy so its easy to breathe. sometimes i feel playing flute in these rooms is easier to breathe than in my own home. okay brb i am going to the candy shop to buy alcohol free vodka. because a) its Christmas and b) i can!
  8. you don't believe in the musicality of farts? you can fart so that it is higher in the sound scale and so that it is lower in the sound scale. there is a science to it, you can educate yourself at your local M-USIC school. its not like farts are like drums, it is so important to remember and even drums can make very different sounds. i think you have never been im M-USIC school. here in Viljandi the land of folk music neoage, we have bM-ASSIVE squares outdoors in summer where we learn music. and really huge ball rooms to dance to music and learn harp and piano. the quality of these buildings is both eye-friendly and have good echo in the big majestetic massively royal music rooms that feel like an utter adventure. Sol-ba-si-ho is the new science of music straight from Viljandi's two adventures music castles that also have good ventilation and very humanly and INNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOVATIVE tea chers.
  9. and hit a weird strange and unique high note with your fart?... i drank some drinks and arrived home and boy did i fart i am so ashamed because my home doesn't only consist of people who enjoy it, not exactly
  10. YAS GIRL OMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGG who else got such a legendary nickname
  11. thank yaaa! i need to enable it in my mp3310 ( lol i have Nokia 3310), listen music from there, Warwick avenue and Duffy style
  12. just gonna say it c'mon heads up how many years ago this was and how much time from then on Britney has worked daily to become better and better in cheese tomato OR gold ain't nothing sad about Nigel D
  13. im like if you could rename Madonna with a pet name how would you call her?
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