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  1. i'd say this person is malnutritioned Britney has said herself being hungry makes one angry
  2. MTV is Okay but i worship VH-1 VH-1, being the home of more, has larger selection of songs and plays even 80s classics. i adore that VH-1 still shows Britney Spears and represents her like a proper artist showing even Scream & Shout. but the main plus is they play Britney every day, i am sure of it. i encounter Britney on VH-1 more and more. and that's the spirit, to let Britney sing to y'all via TV too MTV channels doesn't display Britney so much.
  3. i want a documentary of Britney using all of her perfumes each day and have a theme for each day according to one perfume at a time
  4. but it is urban really good and urban when it is that urban it doesn't need to be personal BJ wins
  5. i think my answer to this is interesting and controversial: part of my process of going up this year is not thinking all people are good and kind. but the realization that there are some real d*cks out there and i dont always have to blame myself. i have to realize more how i am a good person and know that i am by nature not like the team d*cks. and i shouldn't forgive everyone. but i have to forgive myself.in short, it is like a faith in my values. also realize who i think is not in my team and who is. and value people who i love tons tons more always and bring them value i know some people don't think so, but i think thats what i think your turn : When was the moment you realized you grew as a person?
  6. love ya to the moon and back we need to keep our love in Exhale. positivity and high vibratipon. moderator said to me just a day back that people were rude to me and that was rude to people" we all need to kill these kinds of things with kindness :-) that i can also learn from my psychologist im a beginner hey i need to make effort to not fight with others when they are appearing to be impolite but i am sure i can learn to appreciate beep i yet guess not everyone but i canl especially learn ro love myself does it come out funny? you can always say what you think anyway, people like me and you (i think you are very kind) need to keep up the good fight
  7. Oh therapy for bullying could be great idea. i happen to have a psychologist. I'LL DISCUSS IT WITH HIM. he's really good so he could absolutely do therapy for bullying!! overall, you sound very healthy so thank you for all dis
  8. i don't think it is too late to do with your life whatever you want sweetie for this, in this life there are always many examples of the lives of people, heck some of them even start to thrive when they are 70 years old and live to be successful 100 years olds there are many living proofs of success that anyone can be successful and in this age, even if i graduated the number 1 high school of country, in many cases the knowledge you get off school matters more than the knowledge i got in school in the end, selling what you have, other skills than school skills matter
  9. philosophically speaking, its kinda diffcult she was virgin for a long time, and then again she wasn't the simpler theory: she always sings live and then officially when you take several conditions to account, she doesn't life is all about relativity philosophically and even in language you have some wiggling room if on a plank there is written 2+2=5 then it is true because according to this source its tru
  10. next time when i sell ice cream to you you won't get a discount BTW also i would recommend to offer solutions not problems for example you could say your perfect thread title or you could say which song you find annoying but also like. thisaspect is not a problem ,but fun and a source of interest
  11. I am sorry for the mess but even posting to this forum helps. i learn that in this world it is not the priority to be as muscular as possible and win the world over with a power of arrogant assertive force humans have both mind and heart too and we have more options in the end it doesn't matter that i don't go to gym every week youd say it does but believe me i have a very good health, being active day to day assures i remain healthy :-= i am quite an alive person and my smile will save the world, i am sure of that ;--)
  12. i must also accentuate - saying that she is the most personable artist i have ever wintessed seems more like an accurate truth for me. i see it like that and i didn't even mean to exaggerate its my truth and opinion i tell myself the second one after her for me would be Ariana Grande (even if Ariana Grande has a s*** discography compared to Britney Spears. but Ariana is talented enough to make it shine...
  13. For me it must be that Britney's clone took over lol jk i know! its that Femme Fatale is bad (i mean thats a lie)
  14. that Britney is the most personable artist i have ever witnessed. being hard working and detail oriented and passionate she makes her art i see it if they don't see it or sometimes even you don't see it - not my problem
  15. I regret that i let myself be bullied i think i should have beaten them all up without regret or discrimination but thats what i regret now i know it sounds rather assertive, but then what do YOU think would be a good strategy to shut bullies , who push you, take your things , like this bullying in most times i was bullied wasnt even just emoty words. ??? listening to all your advice and life wisdom i just think i did poorly i suffered years long of classic school bullying in my life i will probably end up on my deathbed regreting that i wasn't strong enough, not mentally nor physically...
  16. yasss. i want fresh stuff from Rihanna so fervently actually i hope she is doing it , being the Rihanna she wants to be i see potential
  17. For me a lot of rap songs are like that (for example EM-I-NEM) some Estonian song that does this for me (is it hip hop?)
  18. C'mooon you can't say this question isn't entertaining Oh-kayy i can ask do you have a song you listen to and you feel proud and feel really mature listening that? And which movie you have watched were about growing up and you felt you could relate?
  19. one more thing, site music.youtube.com is free tho? the paid one is Youtube Premium i think but most songs are free, even tho usually many songs of artists are blocked in many countries
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