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  1. thank you! your answer is also more interesting than average Toxic after all is a unique song and some people might not like it, it is not a surprise however what i also think that these days people are in consensus it is a rather good song and these who say otherwise feel weird themselves. this phenomena is also interesting it is obvious that whenever somebody made a thread the don't like it or don't think it is a special song, they'd get hate for it. nobody even DARES to think otherwise
  2. and however, i just know Britney has plans on what to do so even if the book isn't the first thing there is a sequence, a good plan for her career
  3. i wanna watch PCAs again! yesterday i only watched half of a show 1) how do you feel about Britney not winning? do yuou think this award is cool BONUS! MAKEUP! 2) could you please DM me the show i can watch it again and analyze why Britney didn't win. then it is easier for me to learn from Britney's loss
  4. I bet i am really tolerant and have always liked most Britney songs however, BJ has many songs that i currently don't like now. i want to learn to love Tik Tik Boom, for instance :-) so thats my answer i like Tik Tik Boom, even if i had been hating it for a year or two
  5. HOWEVER, if she gets free i want to buy all her discography thrice. to make up for boycotting <3
  6. great answer, i was like oh your answer so sweet. besides you are hardworking and can banalnce what i hope is fun to you (ballet) with work. i really hope you feel you have balance in life. i hope it is not too bad to work in fast food too. what are your parents like if i may ask? something interesting about them?
  7. However i had my reasons to like him And you cannot say it was wrong to like him You cannot say it was wrong to care I lived my life, had my phase with him and it is not meaningless Till this hour, I have listed the pluses and minuses of Donald Trump getting more and more educated and well-rounded about the truths of this world But do you know what? Despite the personality of the president, the president of USA does his/her job And he/she still does his/her job for the country President elections are very controlled NO random person can be a president As I said there is no better candidate Everything goes as planned I think it is logical to think it even solely for the reason that there was two choices Besides I still like Trump a little And in the future we see that these options, electing the best from the worst, the worse will become bigger and bigger. that's what i fear. even if you don't see the evil of Joe Biden, he can't be all that good and rainbows. the country is led by the rich, OBVIOUSLY it might just happen that after years pass you miss Trump i have a request. when you post here don't just try to change my mind. be kind and express your thoughts, but lets not fight anymore :-)
  8. but tell me why? why Sam Smith is starting to look more and more beautiful every day
  9. you know what? i have no idea about these three however, i hope that Swimming is a standalone single would look nicer in my book
  10. ow! that's a shockingly good thinking. her team could absolutely be up to that Glory's third relaese
  11. i got the urge to urban guys would you like some more urban music from Britney? y'know something more urban than Body Ache and Mood Ring altogether?
  12. in her house the electricity always went out when she tried to log in to her supercomputer so she was like: why the **** not name an album from that, computer is very dear to her heart. she also recorded Outta* This World straight just only from her supercomputer
  13. i really like Rock Me In maybe even more than what i also have liked - Rock Boy
  14. thanks we're good i can see it now i must say i have to learn not to thing the utmost negativity in many situations. i have to learn to see every aspect of the situation
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