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  1. hehehe nobody can NOT like cat ladies you get a lady and you also get a cat
  2. yes my goal in life is to get healthier and healthier and i virtually never drink, never ever have i smoked and drugs... well drugs are illegal
  3. good choices i used to love love love strawberrys in my childhood. now not so much, oh, i wonder why actually :giggles:
  4. they, like, ALWAYS, say that it is good when you don't shower so much, good for one's skin so i guess you need less showering and you reap the benefits of good skin too :-)
  5. it is a bit cool that you saw a movie you liked and in that way when you were 4 or 5.
  6. i just had to say it _ i love muffins ;-) a muffin monstah can seduct me anytime
  7. Youtube has always been available everywhere but youtube has subservice that can be found on music.youtube.com , it consists of the extended discographies of all *artists
  8. By the way i think they shouldn't think they cannot help themselves at all? Or what is your opinion on it (just curious) (i am not trying to fight, Jesus, just curious ) as the opposite, maybe you can share something positive about what you know about autists? i really want to, selfishly, end this dumb way things went from me with a positive note who knows i just might be a little fearful about autists, but you have better thoughts?
  9. i am sorry for the comment, but this is my life experience i have seen time again and again autists who feel entitled, narcisstic and arrogant sorry for my poor experience my apologizes <3
  10. i just mean because they are not active now i havent turned my attention to them in a way i should
  11. I could also ask GOD but i ask you, people who are highly educated in the music of these artists what are their best albums plus, also you can recommend me many many legends who are ded by now pls just educate me in good music by dead legends i hooe you understand my concern, i am uneducated in these divas and many passedaways alike
  12. Zeus is the god i worship Liquour is the drink to go with Q is the lyric from Perfume
  13. autists always feel so entitled and special... this is a frequent trait of autists. they just feel they are better have it harder and why nobody rewards them EDIT: sorry for being categorical. it is my raw and emotional , perhapst wrong, opinion, it is just my experience. poor life experiences with autists i have known. in the future, i need to make contact with better autists than i have made so far. deal? :-) in short i admit i am wrong. sorry for any inconvenience
  14. Don't take this too seriously. I just wanted opinions within the question. Plus, I don't mean it as a bad thread. I think I will make the same thread for other groups too. Just because I talk about a community or a culture, doesn't mean I want something like discrimination.
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