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  1. @Roxxy its a popular thread you should future this (i mean you should future the point of the topic which is I send luck chemicals to Sam and Britney, may. they. be. HAPPY)
  2. its okay you producing performance with your post was the target i will enjoy
  3. sooo i decided i become ****** in 3 years **** in 5 years and gay in 10 years 5 years after that i will have *** friend and then we go to an adopting honeymoon world tour which should last about 5 months i also sing my s.friend plays drums (hes a little drummer boy) and in case children come to front row and they will.... i will choose and adopt two of them and make them similar so i will have one of the twins and my *** friend the other we will both name them Jacob :=)
  4. @Roxxy I thought you would recommend me more songs NB" i am not doing this because i want to be your friend i only do it because i know you are a living encyclopedia! just kidding , i love you but not as a sexfriend, a kitten, a secret hetero . i am gay as ****
  5. Asian Russian Indian English i need to fullfill my mp3!!!
  6. I swaer Rise & Fall gets slower and slower every time on TV
  7. thanks songs i need on my iPod... :D :D :D :D i am feeling bloodsucking and optimistic at the same time so i want more songs on my iPod ... just kidding though i won't ever buy iPod again. my ******* bad iPod got stolen like 5-6 years ago and I have Nokia 3310 :')]] anyway i need Shinee , Asian bloodpumping artists on my Nokia 3310 and wuuut?? i have to question do anyone have some good Russian songs in their mind to offer me?? it is a good deal i will always remember the person who brings me new favorites i am not aware of don't get disturbed i have attention deficit
  8. every time hard to watch Rise & Fall cumes on TV it is just harder and harder to watch this Freakshow they produce
  9. I like watching crack too (just sounded cool) that said i think Asian prime artists prouduce the mostest sweat and tears to bring prime songs
  10. Your chance to destroy music videos Whic on you would choose? from our Queen i would go with Britney Spears -Perfume. Just a depressing music video that goes nowhere and leaves you with **** in mind from other artists I really hate Rise & Fall by Sting cause it just feels the song is a borefest but hey what? The music video makes it even more boring.
  11. doing things that I normally won't do love that par t
  12. love the song by Christina Aguilera i call it Same Doll i always replace Girl with Doll
  13. I am told she owns them i waas told in Norway in a really cold place there was a outdoor pool where you can only speak truth so random Norrish perverts(jk) told that yassss, Britney owns all the companies and the truthteller's heart. and that was enough for me from this trip and i flew home
  14. pop music and **** are kinda-eh-i shouldn't say it but they are related it is so easy transition to my mind from selling out pop music to disturbing and ret**ding fans with Only Fans i don't know if this opinion from market perspective is 1 or 2 eurocents but yeah for example a black artist anne moore does some popmusic (hope it is the same artist but no deeper interest from me yet) but anne moore on instagram posted straight ***** (before they got deleted) and said she has now Only Fans account and i wasnt surprised at all as time goes by pop artist use more and more exposing outfits on MVs
  15. I trust Samsung too my experience with Apple is not so good.. even Nokia 3310 is better than those iPhones
  16. How childish it is to make a fuss over such a small thing like downvoting? LET. US. BE. FREE!! IN FORUM!! Are you a national vote-saint and popularity gatherer? Things like this shouldn't be your life priority if u want to be an adult. Downvoting in joy just happens to be my thing ;) You can take course ;)
  17. Just kidding if you like the phone I hate ya - what should be in trash is in your ***
  18. One of the phones is 5.4 inches, the smallest since the iPhone 5. yeah i see that that that that as Doja Says when she sees something excting poor me can't afford pointless phone hate is on phone not on Jordan and the likes :D
  19. YES.. silly games here BTW i have nothing against Super Timberlake just went with a flow in my last thread i thought it would be nice and funny in good manner but it wasn't
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