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  1. Interesting, I was off Exhale last week so I missed the original post. I've taken the test multiple times and always teeter between INFJ and ENFJ. Maybe there are so many INFJs (Advocates) on Exhale because we're super passionate about our favorite artists and "advocate" for them in a way? Idk.
  2. Idk what any of those are. I'm such a . I meant we'll be writing articles on a blog, not starting a podcast or YT channel. I just wanted to make sure a blog, podcast, or YT channel didn't already exist with that same concept, if that makes sense. Don't worry, we'll link to our socials, so you can still Internet-stalk my friend lol.
  3. Thank you, will do! Everyone can rate my friend's Britney opinions and @Roxxy can decide for herself if he's hot or not.
  4. He's happily married. We're leaning towards a text blog, so our looks shouldn't matter too much (we'll link to our socials so people can get to know us better, though).
  5. Thanks for the welcome and the podcast recs, @Jordan Miller! It was so inspiring to read the recent BH/Exhale anniversary posts and seeing your idea grow into such an incredible community.
  6. Hi, everyone! My friend and I are thinking of starting a music blog, and I want to make sure something like this doesn't already exist first, so please let me know if it does in any form! I'm obviously a huge pop fan, and he's into more niche artists, so we want to take turns reviewing music the other person likes (and offer both of our perspectives on new releases). Examples of things I would have him react to include Britney's unreleased tracks/B-sides (Mona Lisa, the Rebellion snippet, etc.), the Spice Girls' solo music, and Kylie Minogue's music in general (we're in America, and she's not as well-known here). What are your thoughts? Does this sound like a blog you'd wanna follow? Any particular artists/bodies of work you'd like reviewed? Would anyone be interested in occasionally contributing to it? Lmk!
  7. I remember painting my nails to look like hers in the video for the rest of the FF era. Good times.
  8. Thanks for asking! As a Britney fan, I've always been aware of BH/Exhale (Googling something Brit-related is usually what led me to this site in the past). But when the work hiatus announcement happened, I got really worried and started checking the Britney section of Exhale almost daily to see if there was any news and to find out what you guys thought of everything. It never even occurred to me to make an account until earlier this year, when I started working on a project for school about Britney (that eventually got scrapped) and was going to ask for help finding sources. I've replied to a few threads since then, but after reading Exhale as a guest for so long, most of the time I forget that I have the ability to post now.
  9. Jimmy Kimmel talked about it last night too (at the the 1:30 mark).
  10. I've injured the same knee multiple times too. We have similar tastes in TV shows and music. We both love SATC, Friends, and Will & Grace, and she's talked about being a fan of some of my other favorite artists like Gwen, P!nk, and JLo. My college graduation ceremony was held at the Palace of Auburn Hills, where she's performed many times. Also, she always talks about wanting to be teacher, and I was a TA in college.
  11. Thank you so much! I visited for the first time last fall to celebrate my birthday/graduation and had the most incredible few days doing touristy things like going to show tapings and studio tours. I was so excited to tour Studio 8H of 30 Rock where all of Britney's iconic SNL moments took place. I even got to see JLo in person and briefly talk to/hug Ryan Seacrest during a taping of Live with Kelly and Ryan. I hope to at least visit again soon for a networking event or something.
  12. So excited to be posting on here for the first time! As a Britney fan, I've always been aware of Exhale, but only started reading regularly since last Jan and finally got around to making an account now. I'm from Madonna's hometown of Rochester Hills, Michigan, but I'm also of Indian descent, so I'm glad @ILikeChillinWithYou is representing us well. @nerdygeekgrl I want to pursue a career in entertainment, so I hope to move to NYC or another major industry city one day. Any advice or thoughts on what I can expect?
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