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  1. She should visit Mykonos and meet with Lindsay Lohan
  2. When she was 17, she started learning at Tisch School of the Arts, super expensive and prestigous university (Childish Gambino, Adam Sandler, Alec Baldwin, Martin Scorsese, and many other famous people graduated same school) Soooooo who was denouncing her dreams? Other artists? Who paid for her education if she was poor?
  3. Britney, is dat u? Of course I love to see any results, but my fav part of working out is how relaxed I feel after exercises. I literally sweat the stress out of my ***
  4. I appreciate Gaga's talent, but it's irritating how she always plays the victim, like she had worst life ever, but now she's successful and rich, but still unhappy OF COURSE (and I believe the fibromyalgia is fake, so she could end world tour and start more profitable Vegas residency. She found perfect disease, unseeable and unprovable )
  5. Yes the intro is like If U Seek Amy, and the bathroom scene is like Everytime
  6. I love when the camera shows the NBA players faces They try very hard to look like they're so moved by the anthem, but in fact they're like what the hell is going on here, gurl stahppp Brilliant (I guess probably she didn't hear herself so well, it's tragedy for every vocalist when technically something is wrong and you don't hear yourself. But the performance goes on and you have to improvise. Often it ends like in Fergie's situation...)
  7. I don't think it would be as successful as Riri's version. I think Riri's voice matches the song better. It's like with Toxic, it was written for Kylie Minogue, but can you imagine it without Britney's voice? With Umbrella it's reversed situation. So, Umbrella for Riri, not Britney. Toxic for Britney, not Kylie. But Telephone would be better if it would be Gaga feat. Britney (or Britney feat. Gaga), not Beyonce.
  8. What's surprising about it? Young generation don't know many, many classics. Like, you shouldn't feel proud of not knowing legendary artists. It's bad you don't know preccursors of your fav artist and you call yourself a music fan. Besides Britney's covers, It's not about her, don't mean to criticize her or something. I mean it's not good if success in the industry is created by streams and views etc. It created current shape of music industry where we don't have any stars with that legend factor. Currently people can't appreciate high quality music, have no passion for music, got bored quickly. Unfortunately people prefer fancy music videos with low quality music. Or I would say, people can't recognize what good music really is. When I hear some pointing out "this is a good song" I can only do a facepalm.
  9. I can't stand Kanye, I rarely use this word, but I literally hate him like no other in music industry. This damn misogynic hypocrite with overgrown ego. He and Kim are truly matching each other, two stupidos who think only about money and ***. I don't have children, but if I would, and my child would be a Kanye fan, I would pack his/hers things and send him/her to grandma
  10. Let her do what she wants to do! It's 2020 and I'm still waiting for that acoustic show with 100% live vocals
  11. The album isn't BAD, but as you said all the songs sound quite the same, the album quickly become boring. It's like background music you can hear at shopping centres or something...
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