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  1. Lotus is worse than BJ but at least that album is sang by the intentioned singer.
  2. Great remixes to an already great song. Fun fact: If you share the song from Spotify to Insta stories the clouds on the background are moving. That's cute.
  3. I get and support victims speaking their truth and telling their stories but, Twitter is not a police authority Twitter stans are not a court Anyone’s simple declaration is not the truth Bashing Bieber for a month is not justice
  4. Being in a conservatorship when no longer needed.
  5. Don't bring Taylor into this, my love. But Bey, yeah, she deserves some humble pie.
  6. Hold It Against Me Do You Wanna Come Over? Blur I Run Away Before The Goodbye
  7. Queen Tay spoke the truth: Britney Spears’ Laughter “It’s heaven. It’s like a summer’s day. And it makes you so happy. You wish you were there laughing with her and having a party.” https://i.redd.it/gz4x2h7gz7x21.jpg
  8. Mood Ring and Invitation. They're so lush and sensual, they compliment each other perfectly.
  9. Good. It was the right thing to do. Now anyone who fantasized that she is racist or that she doesn't care about these issues can stfu.
  10. I've liked every single song on this album. It's a good album and I really enjoy the 90s vibe it has. Well done Gags
  11. That makes me really happy, I hope they work together again in the future.
  12. What is going on? I just came here and I’m lost but excited! What is about that new Glory cover? Is it really Lachapelle’s original cover?
  13. This is a brilliant idea, someone should make an official one for sale with better pictures and better quality.
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