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  1. However Gagas trinity is TFM-Chromatica-The Fame/Born This Way
  2. Title: FLASHLIGHT Tracklist: 1. My Big Secret (feat. Janet) 2. Candy From Stranger 3. 911 (Remix) (feat. Chris Brown) 4. R&B Junk 5. Boombox (feat. Blackpink) 6. I Feel So Free With You (feat. Pitbull) 7. Step Up (feat. Ciara) 8. S.E.X.Y. 9. Blackout On The Dance Floor 10. Voodoo (Interlude) 11. Rebellion 12. Confession 13. Tabloid 14. Heavy Fire Ball [feat. Lady GaGa] 15. Islands 16. Brazil (feat. Shakira & Beyoncè) 17. Infinity 18. Mastermind 19. Heaven And it should be a VISUAL ALBUM!!
  3. Yes!! Femme Fatale is indeed a great dance album. It's literally her Confessions! ❤ Even tho it has 3 or 4 filler tracks. TTWE, HIAM, Inside Out, I Wanna Go, Brautiful Drop Dead, Trouble For Me, Seal It With A Kiss, Trip To Your Heart, Gasoline, Up N Down, He about to lose me, Selfish and Scary are bops. Even the unreleased tracks (Unbroken, Danger, Burning Up and Vertigo) are bops ❤.
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