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  1. I don't think this interview is what changed her, no. In fact ,when you listen to the interview I think it's clear that what changed Britney was the breakup with Justin. She started to change and go down a different path after that, and this interview imo was kind of her last attempt to preserve that image she and her team had worked so hard to maintain but the cracks had already started to show at this point.
  2. I'm not sure why I even bother looking through the comments under her posts. I always just wonder what compels someone to write something hateful under a harmless post like this. I'm not saying they have to write something positive or even anything at all, but with everything she has been through It's hard for me to wrap my head around how seeing this post where she is clearly happy and just expressing herself in the comfort of her own home would have somebody so pressed.
  3. Kathy Griffin truly seems like an awful human being. She was trying so hard to get Larry King to throw Britney under the bus and continue to poke fun at her mental health struggles and he wouldn't budget. She's not even remotely funny.
  4. I think she's more self aware than people think. The " PS this was shot just last night" caption in the freestyle post when half of her comments are filled with people telling her this post is "old" or "reused" was pretty funny to me. I personally think she knows how weird these videos are she just doesn't care anymore lol
  5. Biden is a bad presidential candidate. I urge people to watch some offscript interviews from him if you feel otherwise. He quite honestly is showing early signs of dementia in my opinion. I say that not to imply that trump is a good one, becuase he is far far from it but I bring it up becuase once this race gets into the debates I fear that Biden will be eaten alive. Trump is no spring chicken health wise, but I think in terms of debating he will still prove to be far superior to Biden. Its really unfortunate becuase I think this is just going to be another case of the democrats not electing the right candidate. With the state of our economy and all the missteps by trump this election is ripe for the taking. Sanders or Tulsi would have been far superior candidates imo. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I fear I won’t be.
  6. In a vacuum, maybe not. But relative to her catalog as a whole I think it's objectively an extremely poor album with little to no replay value. I can't even remember the last time I listened to it all the way through. Her earlier albums and even Circus and FF, do laps around it and have a ton of replay value to this day, which is my personal favorite metric for judging how good an album really is.
  7. Him simply asking the question, wasn't the biggest problem imo. What I had a problem with was he clearly indicated in the initial post that he felt the song was problematic, had references to slavery in America, and insinuated that it should be removed from her catalog like Gaga did with one of hers. He then tried to walk back those comments and claim that people were taking it out of context and that he didn't insinuate those things when he clearly did. However, I don't have any lingering feelings about the situation and think taking down the thread and apologizing was the right move. While I thought it should have happened hours earlier (Not after it got featured number one on the site, and promoted across platforms after people tried telling him how distasteful it was), I can still appreciate the apology and hope it is used as a lesson going forward.
  8. I truthfully don't think it would be as over analyzed if she was still releasing music. Right now her social media and everything surrounding the conservatorship is all fans have to cling on too so things get blown out of proportion and made a big deal of when it really isn't. She just seems to be on her pursuit of happiness and isn't concerned anymore with the same things that many longtime fans of hers are.
  9. I personally am not invested either, but imo he is not only a jerk, but I believe that he is a narcissist who used somebody he supposedly loved to catapult himself into a solo career. People always want to point the finger at K-fed but K-fed is a direct result of Timberlake and how he treated her. I've always said that he is the one who deserves the brunt of blame if anyone does.
  10. I'm really happy to see how overly positive this thread is. I genuinely almost had tears in my eyes seeing how truly happy she looked in those photos. I just think back on everything she has been through and has given the fans through the years, and it's just nice to know that she can still experience joyful moments like this. She's obviously transitioned into a new stage in her life. I know some are still so concerned with her appearance, but I think it's pretty obvious that it's not her focus anymore (or atleast for right now). It seems to me that she is embracing being herself and is not concerned with upholding the "image" anymore and she looks the happiest I've seen her in a while.
  11. She looks really good you can tell the difference with how she did her makeup too. Looks much more youthful
  12. I guess it’s just a lose lose situation for her. People want her to post something, and when she does people claim that it’s her team posting it and not her. Idk, I suppose people will believe what they want.
  13. My heart breaks for the black community right now. I will never truly understand what it feels like to live in the states as an African American person and to suffer the racism and injustice that they do, but what I, Brittney, and any other privileged person in this country can do is keep our ears open, speak out against it, and take action where we can to help. I do believe that this was a sincere message from Britney and not one she felt pressured to make. As fans of hers, we know where her heart lies and that she is anything but a racist. Deciding to wait until she felt comfortable doing so does not make her one. I can fully understand why people wanted her to speak though. So many of us are hurting right now and to know 100% that she is standing with everyone during this is a comforting thought.
  14. Not at all, I can fully respect it The thing about Slytherins, is they are never as cold-hearted as they sometimes like to appear. Most of them have good hearts and are good people whether they like to admit it or not. Draco and Snape are proof of that I will have my popcorn ready next time someone does && yes, we are officially housemates so I have your back as well Unless you are in some sort of beef with Roxxy down the road, because it sounds like I want no part in that
  15. 100% agree. Luckily for me, I grew up in a household with a single mom and two other sisters. To fit In I had to learn to be comfortable with expressing a more feminine side and would play dolls with them, listen to pop music, etc. It wasn't until I got a little older that I realized there was a stigma behind a straight male doing those things. In a way I'm grateful that I grew up the way I did. While I do enjoy sports and Hip hop music, I'm glad that I'm still comfortable enjoying other things that are typically considered feminine without caring about people's opinion or what they feel it does to my "masculinity".
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