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  1. you are so outdated, covid-20 max pro lite premium vip is the new norm
  2. I was 7 when ff era, and I had a huge nostalgia last year for ttwe and iwg, and that's when i became a fan
  3. But... Gen Z fans exist (i'm one)... #NotAllGenZKids
  4. If you want some other emilia songs, but in bulgarian lol, I made a list: - Otivash si - Travgay si - Akula - Obichay me - Eto Me This are just a few I can remember right now
  5. Ok, so if you know, I'm from Bulgaria, and there is this artist called Emiia, which is popular in Bulgaria. Around 4 months ago she came up with a song with 3 other artists (1 cuban and 2 romanian) and the song is in spanish and a little bit of romanian. OK BUT THE IMPORTANT PART IS, that yesterday a remix of the song got released featuring another romanian artist, and the remix version is more in romanian language rather than the og one. AND I AM SO HAPPY LITERALLY THIS SONG IS ON TRENDING ON YOUTUBE IN SPAIN, GERMANY, #1 IN UK... This is literally the very first time I've seen an artist from my country be on the trending page of the place where I live (spain) and even other countries, this is so f- crazy, bc I always felt like so many countries on the Balkans were very forgotten and I always felt like the weirdo, and finally seeing somebody from bulgaria getting some recognition in the music world, even if they don't do anything in bulgarian, is so crazy.
  6. Y'all drag nicki but not bts lmao
  7. I hope you find something asap, stay save <3
  8. I finally found a channel about this thx. I know that there are commentary and drama channels and I watch some, but I always wanted to find a channel about all those edits that I see on social media, bc I have seen something similar to "Dramageddon" on twitter a few times, but I couldn't find like a series about it, if you know what I mean.
  9. I feel sad that my generation is represented by those crazy maniacs It's cool that we are trying to make the world a better place, but, I think people are taking everything too far. I'm not from a english-speaking country, and here most of the problems that there are like "cultural appropiation" and so on nobody talks about them, and nobody cares if a white person is wearing rastas or something, and I think this is how it should be tbh, as long as you are not making fun OF A CULTURE, it is ok. I think that people should def get called out for their actions, but with receipts, and also, I think we shouldn't cancel people. Like, I wouldn't like having a **** at the top of the charts, but I think that be making somebody's career by totally gone is bad in a way, because I think that that goes against freedom of speech. Art was always meant as a form of expression, as a form of showing people things that they would be afraid to talk about, so, as I said before, I believe that by cancelling somebody you are making them to not have somehow a freedom of speech, Idk if I have explained myself.
  10. I think Bebe Rexha making that collab with the chainsmokers, since then I've never heard anything about her
  11. It's actually Jaden Smith lmao we are so stupid But i didn't knew that happened, I saw a video of shane trying to seem he is ************ to a poster of his sister
  12. @Jordan MillerI didn't knew that about jaden, can you explain me what happened to his sister?
  13. I found a comment that explains further my point https://prnt.sc/t7o712 PS: Idk if I placed this topic on the wrong category, I placed it at entertainment bc shane is a youtuber, an entertainer at the end of the day, but idk
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