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  1. They are so cute together! I heard that they banged each other lol
  2. September 10. The day before 9/11
  3. 1989 cause of how good it is! Almost every song could've been a hit and also this was her most successful album in her career and STILL is! (Its her magnum opus!) Plus I saw her in concert for the album, so I have plenty of good memories with it
  4. I saw her MTV Diary last night on Youtube. It just made me sad watching it cause she used to be full of life, free and independent. Its sad what her life has become
  5. Yeah here are some of the clips of her shading Britney:
  6. Yeah this was definitely live cause of her voice cracking near the end of the song lol. Man this is SUCH an underrated performance and its a shame cause she's actually singing live and not lipsyncing like usual
  7. She sure has some balls taking nude pics at her age but I admire that she doesnt give a fk about all the ageists. But man you can tell she got plastic surgery cause her cheeks look huge. Other than that, she has a great body for her age.
  8. Same. I'm always wondering and thinking about what could've been with my ex. I'm over him but sometimes I do miss and fantasize about what we had
  9. The song I would say fits my mood right now and the past couple weeks is: Lonely cause I have and had falling out with 2 of my friends. I kept taking them back and then we'd fall out and then take them back again and on and on, etc I just need to quit this cycle cause its not healthy to me or my self esteem. Its driving me crazy and NOT in a good way!
  10. No I havent actually. I just heard it right now and its good (although for some reason, I thought it was an acoustic/piano version lol) Its amazing how good this song even slowed down, that shows that its of quality
  11. Man there are SO many songs that make me dance, I cant choose one but if I had to, I'd pick:
  12. I know Katy isnt nice cause of all the rude comments she has said about Britney and has even been rude to her fans. There is also a video compilation of her rudeness on youtube
  13. I love this photoshoot, she looked so good and young! This was one of the last eras where she looked like her old self
  14. For me it depends. Usually I wear my fave perfume, Fantasy from Britney but lately i've been using a perfume called Sexiest Fantasies: Crazy For You. It smells very erotic yet sweet at the same time. Its also the same name as my fave song lol
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