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  1. Wow I love her hair color, its so pretty. I wonder why they're doing a reboot and what it would be like. I also heard Jeannette McCurdy isn't gonna be in it, which sucks cause ICarly isnt the same without Sam
  2. Oh wow it looks good What is it?
  3. I love Feet On The Ground. It should've been her comeback song instead of Womanizer imo since it describes what she went through Its crazy though how the singer of the song sounds JUST LIKE Britney! But then again, Britney's voice is easy to copy
  4. I just ate sushi a while ago today and I got inspired to do this thread What are yours? My faves are: Italian food, Seafood, Sushi, Chinese food, desserts, candy
  5. For me I'd say either Oops I Did It Again by Britney and ET by Katy Perry
  6. Wow she actually looks pretty and young here (JUST SAYING ) But hasnt there already been a post of her posing like this with that hairstyle? I could've sworn I've seen it before
  7. I know, right? It looks just like one that she posted a while ago. She has the same hairstyle and pose as the other one
  8. Wow this was 17 years ago?? Man time flies by! It sucks how Beyonce is bigger than Britney now yet back then they were equal. I wish Britney did another big Pepsi ad, it would show the world why she was the poster girl for it
  9. Totally agree! There is something so enchanting and amazing about Strangest Love It should've been a single imo instead of Outrageous
  10. Yeah true. Yeah guys just wanna fk but not wanting to commit, its very sad Lol yeah but I know for sure that im straight although sometimes I admit, I do think what it would be like Thank you!
  11. I understand that, I wanna tone up too but idk if I have to lose weight first in order to doit. The annoying part is since I lost weight is that I have some flabby skin like my underarms and my stomach and thighs. Idk how to get rid of them
  12. Katy MAKES FUN OF people who struggle with mental health including the beloved Britney! She also has been rude to her fans and plus there are ALOT of compilations of her being bichy! Taylor has been really generous with her fans and even inviting them over to her house! HOW is she selfish and full of herself if she does that??
  13. Wow lucky you! Its cool that you even went inside to see her tapings especially the Britney Live one! Man I wish I was born in the 80s and lived in NY
  14. Mine would probably be for Britney to do a medley of her early songs. I know she already did that in her DWAD tour but it would be great if she did it again
  15. I would like if Britney did an acoustic record and tour but sadly that'll never happen :(
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