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  1. Look fake to me. Does anyone have an idea of the original pics tho? I assume they’re photoshopped from others
  2. They did switch because their original account got suspended. They got it back today
  3. ??? Their account was suspended and they created w back up account in the mean time where they originally posted the Lynne thinnG. They got there main back today
  4. She’s at home enjoying life. Liking the occasional post. I don’t have any respect for anyone who’s remaining silent even now - Felicia included.
  5. Dm posted an article about this, let’s fill it with positive comments https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8564153/Britney-Spears-ex-Kevin-Federline-not-concerned-leaving-sons-singer-amid-movement.html#article-8564153
  6. Britney is still seeing her sons without any hesitation from Kevin Federline, TMZ reports. Check out this copy + paste quote from TMZ: What's interesting about this report is... if there's no concern about Britney watching the boys, then doesn't this go against the narrative that she's unwell and unable to make sound decisions? That is why the conservatorship is in place after all, right? They continue... In this article, TMZ tries to paint the #FreeBritney movement as something that's detrimental to Britney - that the movement makes her out to be unfit. It's the other way around. The gas lighting is real. It's worth reminding you it's never been Britney that's cause for concern, but her father. Last year, Kevin took out a restraining order against Jamie that bans him from seeing Sean and Jayden for 3 three years following a physical altercation between Jamie and Sean. As a result, the judge reduced Britney's visitation time.
  7. It may not be tactful but we’re dealing with a team of liars and a court of corruption. You can stick to liking Jamie Lynn’s posts though.
  8. The guy said even yesterday that the calls were all very fuzzy and static, and she couldn’t make a decision based on “someone she couldn’t see or hear”
  9. Brilliant! This is a great tik tok. Let’s keep spreading it before the next hearing.
  10. From what I remember it didn’t stay on her Instagram for very long
  11. “Britney has expressed that she doesn’t want to work again because she doesn’t want to continue to essentially keep herself under the conservatorship,” the source tells Us” 'So how long does this go on. As long as the people are getting paid and she has no rights it could go on for a while, but it doesn't make it right at all Stop funding these leeches. There’s 0 excuses.
  12. We need @Jordan Millerto confirm. The court page said she was attending and so did the tabloids but these sources are implying otherwise.
  13. According to a livestream by protesters today who were discussing the hearing, they over heard that the call was very poor quality and very static. @Jordan Milleris there any chance you can confirm if Britney actually was going to attend this remote hearing?
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