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  1. And the facility stint was necessary? What if she was only forced against her will because she was refusing treatment she should’ve had? i don’t remember the Britney’s gram voicemail that much, and I can’t remember what was said about this. some of us believe she stopped taking meds to rebel; the media said she stopped taking them after they stopped working and her mental health suffered; hence the facility trip which Britney said no to and was forced into because she said no. opinions on this?
  2. Fantastic news really hope she gets the life back she so sorely deserves.
  3. If Britney was eager to release new music, I don’t think Britney’s team would be holding on to a 4 year old bonus track. If Britney wanted to record new music, they wouldn’t stop her. After all, they like the money.
  4. “They” or “Britney”? if these vocals are 5 years old, what gives you the impression this being released means we’ll get actual new songs soon? Genuinely curious
  5. It’s horrible that she barely seems those boys. A few hours per visit? Poor Britney.
  6. rhis is the creative director of the akbum art; he did normal glory too. One of the hashtags is #breakthechains
  7. Queen of quarantine going around
  8. But Sam’s Instagram story showed him at this hotel the weekend of March 1st, so I’m confused.
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