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  1. Yeah sure. And what is with the strange thing that Perez done the opening video of her Circus show? Or that P!nk were bad mouthing about her, sung : "Don´t want to be like the damn Britney Spears, she´s so pretty "and Brit said she loves Trouble from her and want to do a duet? I don´t know what this is, but Brit does a lot of this.
  2. This is another proof that Britney and JL have problems with each other and no contact. Brit missed her first day at kindergarten but just because she was at the beginning of her career. After that, she ALWAYS took time for her family. She even took a break from her Lucky music video shooting so she could attend something JL was working on at school. And she wrote the Zoey 101 song even she had her own family and supported her ex-husband's career. But she found time to do it. So, sorry but what JL said is complete nonsense.
  3. Baby: Most skipped: Sometimes, I´m So Curious and sometimes From The Bottom, Thinkin About You and I Will Still Love You Least Skipped: Autumn Goodbye, I Will Be There, I´ll Never Stop Lovin You Oops: Skipped: Dear Diary, When Your Eyes Say It, DLMBTLTK, Heart and I just listen sometimes to Oops and Lucky Least Skipped:Stronger,DGKOMD,Satisfaction,WYSIWYG,OKFY,WAYN,CMYLM,GITM,Walk On By Britney: Skipped: Slave 4U,Intimidated,Not A Girl, Anticipating, ILRNR, and sometimes Boys and When I Found You, Overprotected and That´s Were You Take Me Least Skipped: Cinderella, I Run Away, Before The Goodbye, Bombastic Love, In The Zone: Skipped: Boys and Girls, Don´t Hang Up, MATM Remix and I just listen sometimes to Everytime, Toxic and MATM Least Skipped: Over To You Now, Brave New Girl, Boom Boom, Showdown, The Hook Up Blackout: Skipped: Rader Least Skipped: Piece Of Me, Ooh Ooh Baby, Freakshow, Toy Soldier ,Break The Ice Circus: Skipped:My Baby, Rock Boy, Rader and Mmm Papi and I don´t listen to Womanizer very much Least Skipped: Circus, Out From Under, Kill The Lights, Shattered Glass, Unusual You, Mannequin. Phonography, Quicksand, Amnisa Femme Fatale: Skipped: Big Fat Bass, He About To Lose Me, Inside Out, HIAM, Trip To You Heart Least skipped: TTWE,(Drop Dead) Beautiful, Seal It With A Kiss, Gasoline, Criminal, Up´N´ Down Britney Jean: Skipped:It Should Be Easy, Tic Tic Boom, Body Ache, Chilin With You and I barely listen to Work ***** Least skipped: Alien,Passanger,Pefume, BMS,Till It´s Gone,Don´t Cry ,Hold On Thight, NTIFY Glory: Skipped:Privat Show, Clumsy, Men On The Moon Least skipped:Make Me,Just Luv Me, Do You Wanna Come Over?,Slumber Party, Just Like Me, What You Need, Liar, If I´m Dancing
  4. But then they would just sue her and leave her out of the contract. A few artists bought themself free from the contract. They paid a lot of money, maybe lost a few rights to their songs, but they were free from that on. But I think this is anyway the reason for the c-ship, just another point of view. Brit wanted to do her own thing, private and with her job. And they were afraid because they would lose a lot of money. Brit doesn't care for money otherwise she had not paid everything of her own then. She just made music because she loved it. And she grounded her own family. This was too much for her team and family. And maybe Brit tired to reveal something and the c-ship is the best way to silence her. They even switching off her microphone on stage. This is not normal. When it just would be for Britney´s protection, then they would check out the people who would want to talk to her and what they tell her. But Brit could tell everything she wants to whom she wants to.
  5. I think so too. She did a lot of her unrealized ones by her own, without her label.She paid everything from her own money. Even her music videos like "Do Somethin´"
  6. Yes, I want a Christmas album of her. She nearly has done it in the Ooops era. But the price is her health, safety, and her kids. So no, thank you. They can keep it.
  7. Hmm,but Sam Lutfi has a box full of demo CD´s and private pictures form Britney. He posted it on Twitter. Where does it come from when not from Britney? Or does she just has the stuff from "The Original Doll" to "Blackout" ?
  8. It was a fan favorite when Circus came out. I wonder what happend.
  9. Breathe On Me Someday Mona Lisa (Original Version) Chaotic And Then We Kiss Remix Gimme More Get Back Piece Of Me Break The Ice Womanizer Circus Out From Under TTWE Remix feat.Ke$ha and Nicky Minaj S&M feat.Rihanna 3 Pretty Girls Tom´s Diner Oh Lala Scream And Shout Work ***** Alien Perfume Make Me Slumber Party Mood Ring Pride Remix Hey Ma I Feel So Free With You
  10. My first meltdown? When Britney doesn't have an appearance at Buffy, The Vampire Slayer after they confirmed it. I´m still pissed.
  11. There are just a few. We should rate all of her commercial songs too like I´ve Got The Urge To Herbel.But greate idea! And a ranking of her best b-sides/ bonus songs and non album singles were great along with songs like Tom´s Diner,Bangerz,S&M,Pretty Girls,Someday,Do Something,Walk On By,Ooh La La...
  12. I don´t know how it works in the US, but in Germany, when you have to predicate to the court and you are mentally not able to do this because you would see your offender again or the things you would say are to private like you got r*** and you have to tell the details, then they can record your statement on video. This video is shown in court but you don´t have to attend personally. And we have specially skilled people who accompany you in court or when you have to go to a funeral after your loved ones get murdered or died in a mass collision or something like this. Why they don´t do this with Britney?!
  13. What does it help? We still have Lou Taylor. How does she fits in this whole chaos? She is the root. I can´t understand this. You have massive problems with your family and then a stranger comes into your family and work with them together to destroy you?
  14. Ok,this shows to me on which said he is. I´m done with him. Brit should have wrote this to him: https://www.instagram.com/p/CG01zuCM54P/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CG02HQes5dI/
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