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  1. Her Instagram is just a mix of hiding massages to us and posts from her team maybe with the intent to look her insane so they have a reason to straight up the conservatorship. I understand why most people find it weird. But her own fans?! We should know it better. We know how Britney is. Sarcastic, ironic, and hiding the truth but trow it into your face like If You Seek Amy/**** Me. It hurt me to see that her fans think she is crazy while she just tries to inform us about the truth and she doesn´t get the help she needs because we ignore it and are blind.PLEASE open your eyes. Believe me, Brit is not insane or lost her mind! And you should know that she is just allowed to see Sam and her evil team. She has no family, children, and friends at the moment. Yes, she posted videos of her new clothes and catwalks. Things you normally do with your girlfriends. But she is alone. At the moment we are everything she has. Please don´t be mean and rude to her.
  2. I think Baby is more adult than Oops. But both are iconic and milestones.
  3. It has NOTHING to do with astrology spiritually or esotericism or other bull****. It has to do with the law of vibrancy and brain research. Because most people think like you about it, they don´t take t serious but it is science, not mumbo-jumbo. Every thought you have has a frequency. You can even see it when you put electrodes on your head and look on the little monitor. (don´t know the true name of this machine)
  4. Sorry,but Brit lost me as a fan after she looks like that: This was just too much for me. She became so arrogant(but of course, this could be a translation problem.I´m from Germany. So nearly everything I´ve heard from her was translated and I just started to learn English so I did nearly understand something from her without translation.) And there was a teenager magazine and 9/11 happened. The flag of America was on the cover of the magazine.And the reporter asking Britney to sign it and she said: "I like to sign it with my god name." Yes, she has a good name. But man.This attitude at that time. There is not just one "primary":
  5. Yes, since 2010/2011. We get a glimpse of the old Britney after that,but very little.Since 2016 it´s getting better,she became more the old one and we get Glory. And now everything is worse then ever and she has fewer rights to do what she wants then ever.I´m so curious what happen to Brit so worse that she changed completely from her inside and out. It was worse than in 2007. What they just did to her?And her team uses doubles since Circus.So wired.
  6. It is.It all started in the Britney era and exploded in 2006/2007.
  7. Best gay friends can compare this. And Britney said around the Circus era I think,(or was it at the end of The Zone?) that she spent a lot of time with friends, go out for dinner, etc and in the end, she paid for everything and they use the full capacity of her. Maybe that is a reason why she doesn´t have so many friends anymore. And of course, her team doesn´t allow her to have one. But what happened to her childhood friends like Laura Lynn, Courtney, Jansen? Or friends like Clarissa? And when Britney is just allowed to be with Chade and Sam, why they don´t help her? That she can drive their cars, use their phones, PC?
  8. Cher is A list too.By the way. What happened to Mel Gibson? Back in 2007 he and his wife helped her a lot. Brit spent the holidays with them.
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