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  1. The same for me. My friends were concerned about me and were wondering what will I do/how will I handle it after I will loose another role model. People close to me know that Brit is my world. When you´re reflecting on someone's life/do a biography they tell the most important parts/what was the most important for the person, his achievements. In my case, they will mention Britney. When Brit was running around with no underwear the first time, my friends were concerned about me and did not want that I saw the article/the pictures. But they could not avoid it, Brit is a world star. It was huge on the first page on a magazine. I started to cry but had to swallow my tears and feelings because I had an important family meeting. And when Brit shaved her head, for whatever reason, my friend thought I would do the same. Maybe she thought I would do this to support Brit.
  2. OMG how I hate this. I acted the same in the past and I learned to get rid of it. When you have something to say, say it immediately. But don´t make comments. The people who have problems with you are warned then and can prepare. Attack quickly. Especially in this case. What happens to the big announcement of Britney´s gram btw?
  3. But how this should work when it is in a small town and a lot of people do it in one day?Get the bank the new money so fast?In Germany they need preparation.Of cause you can get as much as money you want from your own account, but they have to know it before.
  4. My God,you would be a perfect friend for Britney. ( I mean this in the best way. In my private life, I have to deal with people who are the opposite of Brit and you. Seeing that there are other people on earth is not just refreshing but also cares that I´m not completely losing hope for a better world and that I´m not completely giving up on other people.) Seriously, why did she don´t looking for friends in her fandom? Instead of going with freaks and people who don´t care for her and just exploit her.I mean her fans are the only ones who care for "Free Britney" Not even her rich and famous friends with great contacts all over the world care enough to help her. They scream a few times "Free Britney" on stage and think they have done enough.
  5. I made a new one since new songs were added. Funny thing is,I have 10 songs on Nr.1. And it´s strange that I were not ask about Cinderella and and Autumn Goodbye but it´s on my list .Cinderella is in my Top 5 and Autumn Goodbye in my Top 15 normally. Strange. Sad that Do Something, Walk On By and And Then We Kiss are not included. Rank Song 1 Where are you Now 1 Girl In The Mirror 1 Mona Lisa 1 Quicksand 1 Amnesia 1 Criminal 1 Perfume 1 Til It's Gone 1 Don't Cry 1 Hold On Tight 11 Mannequin 12 Out From Under 12 Unusual You 14 I'll Never Stop Loving You 14 Autumn Goodbye 14 Deep in My Heart 17 Liar 17 If I'm Dancing 17 Swimming In The Stars 17 Before The Goodbye 21 Just Luv Me 21 Do You Wanna Come Over 21 Slumber Party 21 Just Like Me 21 What You Need 21 Slumber Party 21 Matches 28 Kill The Lights 28 Shattered Glass 30 Stronger 30Don't Go Knocking On My Door 30Satisfaction 33Shadow 33Brave New Girl 33I've Just Begun (Having My Fun) 33Over To You Now 33Piece Of Me 33Break The Ice 33Freakshow 33Toy Soldier 33Till The World Ends 33Seal It With A Kiss 33Gasoline 33Up N' Down 33Brightest Morning Star 33Now That I Found You 47Chaotic 48What U See (Is What You Get) 48One Kiss From You 48Can't Make You Love Me 51Let Me Be 51Bombastic Love 51Invitation 51Make Me... 51Mood Ring 56If U Seek Amy 56Lace And Leather 56(Drop Dead) Beautiful 59Ooh Ooh Baby 59Get Back 59Circus 62The Answer 63Lonely 64What It's Like To Be Me 64(I Got That) Boom Boom 64Showdown 64Breathe On Me 64The Hook Up 69Touch Of My Hand 70I Wanna Go 70How I Roll 70Passenger 73Overprotected 74Phonography 74Selfish 74Don't Keep Me Waiting 74Alien 78Scary 79Blur 80Rock Me In 80Trouble 82Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) 83Trouble For Me 84Perfect Lover 84Mmm Papi 86Heaven On Earth 87Get Naked (I Got A Plan) 88Hot As Ice 89Someday (I Will Understand) 90Why Should I Be Sad 91Gimme More 92Everytime 93Womanizer 94Work ***** 95Glory Tracks 96Born To Make You Happy 96I Will Be There 98Email My Heart 99Baby One More Time 100(You Drive Me) Crazy 101Lucky 102Early Mornin' 103Better 104Boys 105Oops! ...I Did It Again 106Love Me Down 107Beat Goes On 108Hard To Forget Ya 109That's Where You Take Me 110When I Found You 111Toxic 111Outrageous 113Me Against The Music 114When Your Eyes Say It 115I Will Still Love You 115Thinkin About You 117Soda Pop 118From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart 119I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman 120I Love Rock 'n' Roll 120Cinderella 122You Got It All 123Coupure Électrique 124Radar 125Sometimes 126He About To Lose Me 127Man On The Moon 128Trip To Your Heart 129Inside Out 130Hold It Against Me 131Radar 132Rock Boy 133Tik Tik Boom 133Body Ache 135Don't Hang Up 136My Baby 137Outta This World 137Everybody 139Private Show 139Clumsy 139Intimidated 142Anticipating 143I'm A Slave 4 U 144Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know 145Dear Diary 146Big Fat Bass 146It Should Be Easy 148Chillin' With You
  6. Back then my favorites were In The Zone GHMP Chaotic I´ve watched these three so much that the DVDs are broken and I have to buy new ones, especially Chaotic. But I also loved Live from Las Vegas and Live And More Nowadays my favorites would be most likely Time Out, Live And More, and In The Zone. I need to rewatch them. But a couple of days ago I´ve watched For The Record. The first time in over ten years. It´s a shame that we never got something like Oops tour Onyx Hotel Tour Circus Tour I´m the Femme Fatale I'm Britney Jean Vegas DVD My Prerogative Part Two Why they don´t publish a coffee table book with all of her DVDs, including Not A Girl movie, Stages and the ones we miss? And in the book, we would see her costumes, interviews with her crew, backstage pictures...This would be a dream.
  7. Yes. do you think they have just one credit card or just one bank account? A couple of years ago was Madonna in the news because she could not afford the ice cream for her children. But in the opposite of most people, they can talk day and night with their personal bank manager and get more money. But rich people don´t have their whole money at once. It´s not like Scrooge McDuck and they have it in a storage and swim around there. I don´t how it is in the US, but in Germany, you can just take off 1000 Euro per day, no matter how wealthy you are. If you want more, you must register. This is important or the bank would run out of money. When you have your appointment, you go into a room with the staff and you get your money.Or you use you bank cards or do online banking when you have more expensive acquisitions. But that's not what it's about.The question is who did what with Britney´s money.
  8. There was a German singer, who had the same problem and people wondered how this could happen. She said that she gets a particular sum of money every month. When she is over the sum, the bank lends her money. The rest is bound. The same is with credit cards. When you have many of them, then you have your money distributed. So it can happen that you ran out of money even as a millionaire.
  9. I think that it was true, that her credit card didn't work a lot of time and she needs to lend money from the bank. But nevertheless, you are right too. The reason is: WHY. She still had income because of royalty. There were rumors that Britney wanted to make a song called ATM for her mother.I think not just Kevin but her whole family throw out her money out of the window. There are rumors that Lynn sends her bills for designer clothes. What comes to my mind is, what if Brit signed a general power of attorney? Or maybe not even herself. Her brother administrated her fortune together with an attorney. Someone stole a lot of money from her, before c-ship.And I think this happend the second time when she was with Sam L.
  10. Every album by Britney Rammstein/Lindemann Falco Witt since 1998 No Angels Jeanette Most of the songs by JLo Most of the songs by Madonna Wonderful Life by Hurts Losing My Religion by REM Poison by Alice Cooper A lot of Groove Coverage The Sparrows and The Nightingales and Kein Zurück by Wolfsheim Only Human by Rag and Bone Man ( I listen to most of the songs since my childhood or at least since 20 years.That´s way it´s so much.)
  11. This was one of the reasons she loses a lot of money: The news was full of reports that Britney was having payment difficulties, her credit cards were not covered. She had to borrow from the bank. Kevin ordered sneakers from Europe, went to play golf held Krokodiles .I don't know if Kevin alone was to blame that Brit lost a lot of money. She went out with him, Lynn and Jamie Lynn also had lunch at the most expensive restaurants. And after the divorce, Kevin had to give back the expensive gifts, which I think cost over 10,000 dollars. But it was definitely the time when her got the money through the fingers. There was a documentary called "The fabulous life of Britney and Kevin"
  12. My God how you guys always find out stuff like that. I´m not even able to find some pictures that were made mostly before the Internet was so huge as today.
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