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Everything posted by Blackout2006

  1. I just want the best of the best performances and dont seek debutants to already lose their career because of the britney jean curse Thats why its blacklisted
  2. I mean in the end, a music video would be more remembered than a tour performance and we all know how the GP and Beyhive like to treat Britney as some d-list artist who cant sing, who will always under-appreciate her, we have got used to it.
  3. Yes and WHAT!? You just ended off yr BOMT era, and already want to end yr exhale career by singing a Myah Marie Jean medley That album is blacklisted from my Award shows, choose another album The song flopped and @Towelney didnt even care to promote it from her side Because you dont care one-bit to promote our song?
  4. Well...Britney did it wear it for the POM performances in the circus tour and the tour date started March 3, 2009. So Britney wore the outfit in March 3rd, 2009. Whereas for Beyonce, the video for Sweet dreams where she wore the outfit was released in June 2, 2009 , So Beyonce wore the outfit in June 2nd, 2009. So... Britney- March 3, 2009 Beyonce- June 2, 2009 So your answer is Britney
  5. Your right! we shoudlnt pull a nicki and mariah card when collabing But what can i do? I have to make-believe that your here because i gets thats the only way i see clear Ugh, FINE! i will pick my lazy butt up and get to the studio
  6. To confirm, No. I will be deciding who will be nominated, and you guys will have to vote
  7. Registered Hunty, u should have told me Why does it have to be everytime i try to fly i fall, without my wings i feel so small
  8. Wanna participate hunty We can probably shoot our everytime video as a performance for the shows
  9. New categories have been added @Towelney, @Slayer and @MrPieceOfMe Alternative album of the year Alternative artist of the year Best female group Best male group Worst song of the year
  10. Youre reccomendations are really appreciated I will soon add those categories @Slayer hunty What did i tell u about bribing?
  11. Thx Registered Registered And yes, we will be introducing that However i am not a fan of those genres, so i will be needing yr help
  12. Uhhhh, i think you forgot about the Circus album? #4 Peak in the UK charts? 2 Top 3 singles? 300k sales in the UK? Platinum certification? 1.3 million sales in the UK, if we are talking about EAS total sales Need i say...more? Also...
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