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  1. This be moi.. Ps. I've been visiting here for years just never got around to actually signing up/posting
  2. This is why we cannot go quiet and continue making as much noise as possible!! BRITNEY. WILL. BE. FREE
  3. This makes alot of sense. Seems like maybe they are stuck in a sticky position. this is why we must continue to make as much noise as possible and REFUSE too allow FREEBRITNEY to die out and go quiet. We need continued exposure especially during this next month!
  4. Typical team Britney.. The only plus side is, they have given the army substantial firepower with this latest move - the negativity is spreading all over twitter and IG and the GP are becoming even more aware, interested and infuriated. So we can all (at the very least) be content that they are all digging their own graves. I'm more concerned as to why her mother or Sham wasn't there.. A 4year relationship (past the 3 year honeymoon stage) and Sham wasn't there to support and uplift his girlfriend for one of the most pivotal stages of her life??? I think it's confirmed that he DEFO is on payroll, it makes ZERO sense.
  5. I literally have no idea why her BF or mother wasn't there with her... Clearly it should be of massive importance to them???
  6. Been lurking on here for quite some time now... on and off for about 5 years but with everything that's going on I finally got around to logging in properly. lol . hey everyone! THIS is why I had to log in. Just to come and say that we should all be worried with this next month... If they did deliberately sabotage her attendance to court then they must have some kind of plan moving forward?? Without causing too much distress or worry, I can't help but think are they going to try and permanently silence her?? I.e. Murder. At this point, they MUST know that MOST (97%) fans are not going to supporting anything Britney/they release, so it makes alot of sense that, right now? Britney is worth more (TO THEM) dead. I wish I was currently in LA cos I really would feel no way knocking on her door for a welfare check.. I'm really worried for her right now.
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