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  1. Technically its Mood Ring - but we heard that in 2016. So SITS it is, for me!! Matches was just not good.
  2. I think she could however lots will need to change and i would only ever want another album/single etc unless she is completely free from the legal issues and is happy to return, interested and invested! I almost feel like a EP/mixtape kinda release introducing a completely new sound and look etc with a few cute promo vids would work amazingly. And then to drop the album with a grown, more **** vibe. Musically, she absolutely needs to go along the lines of SITS, Mood Ring, Invitation, Just Luv Me etc. THAT sound is perfect for Britney now, she can also move into a Sade, sensual type sound too.. she can still have a few uptempo bops too.
  3. The only person we should all be focusing on is..... you guessed it.. BRITNEY SPEARS We technically have got almost NO NEW information from any of these sources. They have just shared info we already knew and as for court documents, any of us can search and look these up. I’m not interested in BG, LFB, Meaner, any of them!! All, to me seem to be basking in alot of this ‘Glory’ . Fighting over ‘exclusives’ and ‘drops’. Listen! This fanbase!! All these people are no different than Britney’s Team! They exist because Britney does. Acting as some kind of saviours when we done already knew everything we need to know to abolish this hideous conservatorship!! NOTHING has changed. Scream and shout and make a whole lot of noise until Britney is free. We don’t need anymore pinups looking for abit of fame and change. #BYE
  4. Its almost like listening to a completely different song. Just beautiful!!
  5. Thats not quite it. they cant put a petition to suspend Jamie as conservator FOR NO REASON. If Britney’s conservatorship deems her ‘unfit’ or ‘incapable’ of giving ANY testimony - the courts simply will not hear anything in regards to what she wants, needs, feels etc. (Shes basically deemed a vegetable in the eyes of the court) Soo i believe they (Britney) is following the money (and the misuse of it) and will use this to get him out and then finally get rid of the conservatorship. Point being there has to be a reason. Thats what i can gather from this..
  6. However, eyes are surely fixated on him and his work which is being scrutinised, amongst the fan base every step of the way. i think he was very much team Jamie prior to 2019. But i feel the real changes cane when Andrew resigned saying irreparable damage would come to Britney should he not be granted permission to resign. I think this shock up everything and whatever happened (i suspect they tried forcing medication on her or it was because they locked her up against her will etc) was the start of it all. Defo don’t trust him tho - however i feel he’s got to be on his best behaviour now.
  7. They need this time to investigate the finances. And the judge granted them that time. Jamie’s team was refuting that, but the Judge decided in team Britney’s favour - (the real team Britney) its truly the start of the end!! Another couple of hearings in Britney’s favour, shes probably ecstatic.
  8. No. What she really wants is total freedom. As evidenced in a court document where it states that she holds her rights to petition for an end to the conservatorship at later dates etc.. Right now, it seems that Britney (Sam Ingham) needs a reason to suspend Jamie INDEFINITELY... (FOLLOW THE MONEY !!!) Once that has been done, the work towards ending it (period) can commence. Jodie being kept in the role is Britneys wishes, yes, as she doesn’t want her father in control but once hes shifted for good, im sure they’ll move on with dissolving it entirely.
  9. Britney was the closest we’ll ever get. No other popstar has even come close to the sheer impact and cultural impact Britney and MJ had. Even Gaga, Beiber, Beyonce - they’ve already peaked and i highly doubt any of those will do anything massively significant again. still rooting for Brit tho. Still hope and pray this conservatorship is eradicated and we get one last PRIME era!
  10. They set up shoots.. probably telling her its a set for her social media. But what they dont do is actually edit the clips, so it ‘appears’ a mindless Britney is walking back and forth doing many poses and strangely too when really, in reality when people do this they cut or screenshot the pieces they like and post them.. the team post the full thing. Im sure they do this to keep things looking ‘weird’ and ‘strange’ and all it does is continue to make Britney look practically insane.
  11. Just enough meds to keep her working. But not enough to put on an incredible show or have a voice.. Keep her ‘celeb’ power at an all time low so they can continue pimping her out...
  12. Im all for keeping brands active etc etc and of course Britneys brand has suffered dramatically in the last few years.. however, Britneys direct refusal to continue to line the pockets of the MEN (and some questionable females who are now out of the equation) has led to some fans not wanting to give over their money, while Britney fights her case. Its really that simple. 95% of Britneys conservatorship comes down to the money. So i dont understand how some of yall can be against a boycott.. if some fans want to do that, why are they so wrong to do so? If it all comes down to the money, why is a boycott a wrong thing to do??
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