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  1. I just found that information: Represented Britney Brands in a dispute regarding royalties from Spears’ top-selling fragrance line. Marketing company BrandSense claimed it had orchestrated a fragrance deal between Britney Brands and Elizabeth Arden, making millions for Spears and her company in exchange for 35 percent of her profits. However, BrandSense claimed that Britney Brands had violated the original agreement by attempting to cut the marketing company out of payments for Spears’ “Radiance” perfume. BrandSense sued Spears, her father, and her company, for $10 million, claiming the contract guaranteed royalties on all perfumes developed by the partnership between Spears and Elizabeth Arden. Mr. Weitzman filed a new lawsuit on behalf of Britney Brands, contesting these claims, and alleging that the marketing company withheld profits, and that the contract only included three fragrances that were under development at the time of the contract, not future fragrances. Spears and her legal team demanded damages, and a declaration that BrandSense is not entitled to any further royalties. It is information from his official website: https://kwikalaw.com/our-attorneys/howard-weitzman/#experience As far as I remember Lou Taylor was heavily involved in that case so no wonder she wrote he was so loved by her... It's just amaze me how many connections Britney and MJ share. And looking at their both lives it's not good.
  2. I was just scrolling down my Instagram and I saw that Lou Taylor just posted a tribute to Michael Jackson Estate lawyer that has died in this week.(Yes,I still follow her). Take a look : https://www.instagram.com/p/CNadij-Fd1tvrD-dhz74dv7J6CPfgZpObc7cMI0/?igshid=19ths9cchuz82 Few days ago Michael Jackson's son as well posted a tribute to this attorney aimd his death: After judge approved Michael Jackson's last business manager to be Britney's manager I found odd this new post of Lou Taylor. Not to mention both lawyers of Jamie Spears's legal team are Michael Jackson Estate lawyers... More and more dots connects MJ and Britney and their tragic lives.
  3. I don't get anyone who still believes that it is Britney that is posting. Yeah a woman in CONservatorship with no control over her life or estate has a control over platform with almost 30 followers when since more than a decade all her interviews are controlled. I unfollowed that toxic profile that is being used against Britney months ago when it was shown on court docs who is in charge of that profile and then uses against her in another court case. As well I reported her account with a information that Cassie is the one behind that profile and I recommend everyone to do the same. It's really tiring what team Con is doing and how dirty they are playing. I am so sad what they did and continue to doing to Britney. They destroyed her and her life. Not breakdown from 2007-2008.
  4. This video has been deleted from Sam's profile ! I guess it showed Britney in too good light...🤯🤬🤦
  5. In my opinion MP is her best video ever and for so long I was addicted to the song !☺️
  6. He posted again, this time more direct. Don't know what to think of this... Hopefully it is not to gain more attention but just showing a support to the case.
  7. Why did you talk to him? He should be banned from this fanbase and not talked to. He is one of the reason Britney lost 13 years of her life and time with her kids. I don't understand some people...
  8. This doesn't look good in my opinion. Son of judge shouldn't speak in public about cases she is involved. And Sam Lufti...Evil himself.
  9. He is amazing! I love his work on Christina Aguliera's Bionic album !🥰 And it is so bold what he said and he is pro free Britney!🥰
  10. Same here. I was so surprised to see some of Amber's photos and to think of Bryan's opinions regarding women. It's sad that after years of marriage he got divorced and got a girl much more younger than him and just a little bit older than his daughter. And many more photos like that. Plus from what I understood it's her job... At least she is pro #freebritney...
  11. From what I understood she is around my age so around 25, but still Bryan is 40+ divorced man. At least Amber is supportive of #freebritney!
  12. Recently I noticed on Instagram's profile of Bryan Spears's girlfriend that there is a lot of Lynne. Like for example from yesterday's Valentine's Day: Plus few weeks ago : As Jamie Lynn blocked me I cannot see if Lynne is still hanging out and taking care of her girls as previously. Could someone tell? I find it interesting and it seems Lynne spends more time in LA and with Bryan and his girlfriend who is pro free Britney. And in the end Bryan's interview helped our movement and confimed Britney always wanted to get out of CONservatorship. I am wonder if this means Lynne and Jamie Lynn got in some kind of conflict.
  13. So Sam just posted a new photo with Britney and she looks stunning! This kind of pictures should be on "hers"Instagram.
  14. Very well said Mr Adam! I am suprised that Ingham is not a point of intrest and only Jamie! And I think much more pressure should be put on him so maybe he will do his job he should be doing since day 1. And he saw such a "Kingham"so Britney was in 2009 trying to get help from Sam Lufti to find another one lawyer. And I am suprised GP does not ask where is Britney's lawyer in all of this.
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