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  1. Are you ********* or something? Dude you have just a bad taste face it. And I am saying it as Z generation. MJ sounds old this much so he sold 16 millions of his albums only in the US(worldwide number gets only higher)since 2009. Nice result for someone who's music sound old... MJ became big till his death ,Britney at the age of 39 already is nostalgia act and many many years after her peak. MJ had his trial in 2005 and in 2009 broke a record of selling 1 million tickets in almost 4 hours. Britney didn't do that during her peak I doubt she could do that at the age of 50. MJ at her current age was just after successful History era with hits like You are not alone,Scream,Earth Song,They don't care about us holding some concerts and preparing to make a new album and celebrate 30 years of career. His History tour was great success and was seen by 4.4 millions people all around the world. Britney the last successful era had 10 years ago during Famme Fatale at the age of 29. It says it all Britney is not on MJ level but she was on her way but not anymore.
  2. Dude Britney even now does not stand as legendary as MJ that still 12 years after death is so relevant. Each year he earns great and each year is listed as the best earning dead person in history! His music does not sound old and remember his songs are almost 40 year old(I mean Thriller ,Bad). His "Man in the mirror" or "We are the world""Heal the world" or "Earth song","Black or white"are so universal and touch topics that are relevant even now days. Thriller is always being played in the time of Halloween. Invincible from 2001 was chosen in 2009 as the album of the decade. Two albums after his death were doing great on the charts. "Hold my hand" or "Love never felt so good"were huge hits. And for sure MJ sold much more records since 2009 than Britney since 2009. Still more people know who was MJ rather than who Britney Spears is. Recently I met 27 guy from Afganistan. From all western stars he knew only MJ. Since his death MJ earned 2 billions dollars,Britney even does not stand next to it . Britney was on the way to be great artist but since CONservatorship she stopped being on this path. MJ broke record of selling tickets in 2009 almost 1 million tickets in 4 hours few weeks before his death at the age of 50 after over 40 years of career after 2005 trial that was supposed to destroy him as per media's wish. I doubt Britney could do that now or even ever. So dude what you wrote is not true. I am 24 years old and I listen to MJ daily. Your post just shows you have a bad taste 🤣🤣🤣
  3. It's true I have seen it before. CONservatorship of the person is till Sep . It is temporary but I fear instead of terminating it they will make it permanent.
  4. I am not talking about Wade as a ex choreographer of Britney ,but as a person who performed as a actor in some "documentary"to earn some money as he has debts and was trying to destroy another legend-MJ. Court docs and cases show he is not telling the truth and lawyers shouldn't follow him.
  5. And I must to say that I liked LFB as I even made some contact with them in the last months as I am checking LA court website almost on daily basis and they were always helpful, patient and explaining as I approached them couple of times as I noticed something on Britney's case. When I texted BG they never responded as they were busy with enjoying their life and obviously abboned FB and now seem jealous that LFB took main focus. And Kevin seems jealous as well as he was the one acting as a face of movement and appearing on LA protests and organising them. But he is not a lawyer and couldn't do what LFB was doing and they didn't share their work with him. It's pity they instead of filling one other and leading whole FB got jealous and made this unnecessary drama that should have been kept in private.
  6. Wow it's been 4 days of this drama already...😵 In the beginning I was quick to believe in what BG said as they seemed creditable as they started FB movement. But I was thinking they will soon probe their claim. But it did not happen. And then reading this group conservation where Kevin wrote "we want them gone" and even fact of mass planed action from Britney Sagi,FBLA and BG with no real evidence made me kind of change my mind. Of course I disagree with LFB staning Sam Ingham or with a fact they were following Wade Robson when court docs show very clearly he is not telling the truth and whole LN was just a cash grab move as he is losing in the court against MJ Estate. I didn't like they were ok with CONservatorship to continue with Jodi and Bessemer or that they suggested CONservatorship is not abusive. But overall they made brilliant account,were keeping movement alive and informed. Their leaks were great. On the other hand BG after May 2019 almost disappeared and were not helpful. I appreciate this whole 2! episodes they made in 2020. But clearly LFB was much better and much more active leader of FB than BG that as I saw on their private accounts were enjoying their life rather than doing something useful for FB. And come on I don't count their "secret"project that they are talking about since almost 2 years and so far nothing happened. But in the end I rather all accounts stop fighting one other and instead focus on CON team and freeing Britney. Because they are close to lose a main point and make a joke out of FB and whole movement.
  7. Yeah ! I knew you were talking about her ! That's true ! And she keeps posting about this Supported Decision Making system when they are much important issue about CONservatorship that don't get enough of attention!
  8. And I think Britney The Sagi accused LFB of hacking her account and went so offensive on them just soon after BG post. And she is known for making lives quiet often on her Instagram. And for me her profile is a little bit too spiritual and does not seem so serious compered to BG,LA,FBLA,LFB.
  9. Is it Britney The Sagi? Girl named Ryann? Because for me what you wrote rings this bell? She posts a lot of spiritual staff and had few interviews with media as well (like with a guy that interviewed Britney's brother )?
  10. It's crazy ! I've been trusting them so much but to be honest I had doubts as well. How they were staning Sam Ingham ,how they were ok with CONservatorship to continue with Jodi and Bessemer or even them following Wade Robson when court docs shows clearly he is not telling the truth and losing against MJ Estate.
  11. Only MJ ❤️❤️❤️ Real and the only one King of Pop❤️❤️❤️ There will never be such a singer,performer,dancer,writer like him!👑 And it's been 11 years as he is dead and he is the best earning dead person in history earning 2 billions dollars!👑❤️
  12. My congratulations! I hope I will be announcing pregnancy myself next Christmas!🎄 I and my husband,we will be spending Christmas alone and I already ordered some food. We were invited to my family that lives 60 km far from us but we don't have good contacts with them as they had issue to accept our marriage (still they say we are not married as we hadn't Church wedding😹)as we are mixed couple (I am Polish my hubby is Afghan). So we will be chilling and I will be getting some energy as next month I have final exams to become radiographer and then we will be moving to the UK from Poland.
  13. Jordan,you did very well and your "apologies"is so sassy and classy! When I saw this news really my blood burnt! I really have so strong negative feelings towards this "angel"woman and it doesn't happen often with me but she really worked hard to achieve it. But this news only confirms we as a community cannot back down and we must to keep #FreeBritney alive more than ever although the whole process is so slow and doesn't give is so far what we want for Britney. We cannot give up until we see once again for the first time since January 2008 free Britney with her basic human rights restorted. Whole system must be changed and I am writing this as a woman from Poland,Europe!
  14. And another comment of MJ's fan: I googled "Michael Kane Michael Jackson" and (besides the links I list below) the only thing I got for the first 5 pages was links to this TMZ story. I didn't search beyond page 5. It reminds me of Conrad Murray. Never heard of him before June 25, 2009.
  15. Guys check the newest Instagram story of Lawyers for Britney,it seems the new campaign of Glory Delux,Matches,Swimming in the stars is done by a new business manager Jamie hired without consulting with Britney or informing Sam Ingham. Additionally I found interesting article about Michael Kane as he was business manager for MJ as well just before his death ! https://www.tmz.com/2011/03/14/michael-jackson-latoya-jackson-katherine-jackson-alejandra-jackson-family-home-havenhurst-encino-michael-jackson-estate/ This parts are worth reading: "The war over Michael Jackson's family house has just heated up ... because legal docs have just been filed with the court claiming La Toya Jackson .... NOT the Michael Jackson Estate ... may actually own the home. We checked the records of the L.A. County Recorder, and the title is currently held as Michael Jackson J Decd [deceased]. And Michael Kane, Michael's business manager, is listed as a co-owner. La Toya's name is never mentioned." So basically he was co owner of a family house of Michael Jackson that was purchased by MJ's family once Jackson 5 moved to LA and MJ was living there even in 80's and recorded "Thriller"there. And worth thinking is comment of MJ's fan: So who is this guy and has anyone ever heard of him before now? Why would he be listed as "co-owner" of the Encino house? And look at this post of Ryann: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHQtwYAlUw8/?igshid=1r98ranxz35n3 Very interesting...
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