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  1. It's amazing news! Hopefully next month Jamie is removed and then just petition to terminate the conservatorship!
  2. Don't you worry! You are not the first to be blocked! Jamie Lynn blocked me few weeks ago after I wrote some harsh words about her robbing her own sister and her sons! 😏
  3. I was about to post her! It seems he just spends time with his wife(who was Britney's make up artis once I read somewhere), travels a lot, spends time with his family but it does not seem he is doing something professionally. I have mixed feelings about Larry but I really doubt he is as bad as Jamie ans Lou.
  4. Well their kids know how kids are being created so they know their kids had to have some s£x so I doubt it will shock them 😂😂😂
  5. It will be next month! 11/10/2020 at 1:30 PM in Probate Department 4 at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 Appointment Hearing - Conservator
  6. Hearing is about Andrew wallet that will be rejected by Britney.
  7. Which 2 Videos of Sean Preston you mean? Could you show?
  8. Funny Jamie Lynne blocked me on Instagram after writing on her recent post that what she is doing is basically robbing her sister and her nephews and that it is a sin and she should fear her God as it will make her go directly to hell. Cannot stand a truth?
  9. And I would say that using MJ was easy for Hollywood. When he was getting full attention, no one cared for years for real abusers like Eppstein or Harvey Weinstein that were much more powerful than just MJ who hadn't such a powerful friends like them.
  10. Why Untouchable did not get even 1% of Leaving Neverland attention? And the only one brave person in whole Hollywood to call out Oprah for Harvey friendship after Me2 movement started was Seal Heidi Klum's ex husband.
  11. And compare attention MJ 2005 was getting and attention Harvey's trial was getting. I would say so little news were coming out of Harvey's trial compered to LN's attention. Why Oprah did not interview her good friend's victims when he was proven guilty and sentenced for 25 years in prison? Well as some sources say she Harvey and TMZ owner are friends and are behind LN.
  12. In Wade and MJ case nothing new came out in 2019 just the whole media propaganda was activated and Oprah was brought to give credibility. Nothing more. Nothing less. And some of the fans were against conservatorship since the beginning like @Jordan Miller and I always wanted to finish it and remember talking about that with my friends years ago. And in fact if Britney's fans would dig deeper since 2008 like @Jordan Miller so Free Britney movement would happen much more earlier. But it was easier to buy what propaganda was selling and yeah new album, new concert of Britney was so attractive to purchase. Like Mood Ring Action showed even now we have fans supporting Britney brand not a person. Although there was huge discussion to boycott brand. So in Wade and MJ case it is easier to go with a flow of propaganda, massive propaganda with a hidden agenda. Because Harvey Weinstein documentary was released in the same time as LN and got almost zero media attention. When MJ is dead and Harvey alive!
  13. And for me it is funny that people on this forum really changed mind after 2019 BS propaganda, but the opinions were much different back in 2016: It seems you just need media's propaganda to make people believe your story. And it is funny that this Fan base believes man who failed drug test and was rejected and forbidden from working on a Circus Tour in 2009. "Well according to his wiki his last career credit was in 2006 and he hasn't worked with britney since like 2003 he was in the new last year over a Michael Jackson ****" " He was supposed to direct the Circus Tour, but didn't pass the drug tests all staff was required to take and he got replaced by Jamie King. Allegedly. He had a breakdown after that and sued Michael Jackson after he died and lost." " I think he's married now and has a kid but he's a little bit crazy and fake, likes the attention and the media" " He's an ******* and he shouldn't be anywhere near Brit, it doesn't matter how good his work was in the past. Also, he's too busy trying to sue Michael Jackson" "Like was mentioned in a few posts he is too busy with his lawsuit against Michael Jackson's estate. From many tweets I've seen from people within the music industry he's pretty much on everyone's **** list for this so he don't need to be choreographing anything for Britney. " " After that mess I don't want Brit to ever work with his lying, money hungry *** again" So it seems you just need Oprah and whole media propaganda and "documentary" to make people believe you. Because this only changed from 2016 and 2019. No wonder conservatorship team could fool most of this fan base for years and make them to believe conservatorship is for a sack of Britney's well being... You were same believing all this fake articles, fake controlled interviews. You are easy to brainwash if 2019 changed your mind to think totally different than in 2016.
  14. Yes Afghanistan a country with thousands years of history and culture destroyed by a "freedom" spreading America that even Hillary Clinton was recorded saying "yes, we created Al Qaida". And your comment is full of racism.
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