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  1. Exactly! For example take a look at MJ's This is It. He didn't perform for years, was in a weak physical condition and took some strong meds but at the age of 50 he was still killing it! There was still a fire in him and MJ we saw in 2009 was the same dancer and performer we saw in 90's or 80's! But I think MJ never lost a passion but Britney did.
  2. Exactly! And there are the doctors who save lifes! Or engineers that create buildings for us! Teachers that teach new generations! Nurses, radiology technologists who make it possible for doctors! And they all will never make even 1%of what Kim made because of **** movie, stupid reality show, faking body or selling privacy. It is not cool at all. And then we are suprised that less and less people read books or choose hard work or education... We should value people who bring something productive or ambitious and not a person like Kim who is very bad example for young girls and boys. And really after Covid 19 someone can really still think that such a person like Kim deserves this money not doctors, nurses or radiology technologists? I would say she and her family only made it cool to be stupid and then we have leaders like Trump Orban Kaczyński or Erdogan. Compered to like Germany where still more people are ambitious, read books or have a higher interest than a stupid reality show and Angela Merkel is in power. Or France with a Macron. Or new PM of Finland, she is just in her 30's! She should be example for a young girls same like Angela Merkel. Be smart, ambitious and men will listen to you, you can become PM or president and men will not look at you like they look at a meal to make love. Because as a feminist myself I feel bad that women instead of going to rule World they are still under control of men's *****es and Kim is just a perfect example. S&x sells...
  3. Well I am not so much interested into Brandi's personal life but for me it's enough to know she was with Wade for almost 10 years, lost her virginity with him and MJ set them up and was happy for their relationship what doesn't seem like a behaviour of a guy who would abuse his niece's boyfriend. Especially when he had such a hot wife like Lisa Marie Presley Jackson with whom he was sleeping after even divorce. And I rather believe her because she says since 1994 that they had normal sexual life like a nor Al married couple. And you know. If you say MJ is innocent it is not about what you believe this is about what trial and over 10 years of FBI's investigation proved. https://vault.fbi.gov/Michael Jackson That people who say MJ is guilty are the ones that believe some gossips. For me watching Leaving Neverland is like just listening to the prosecution's witness and not listening to cross examination by a defence team because it is not a documentary because just shows one side.
  4. Here is this German documentary with a translation: https://www.fernsehserien.de/akte/folgen/34-michael-jackson-auf-der-suche-nach-der-wahrheit-1349757 I recommend to watch this kind of documentaries or like Square One rather than Leaving Neverland that is sponsored by a media and has its own agenda. And we as Britney's fans should be the last fans to believe in what media wants us to believe. Because thanks to media's agenda that are on a payroll Britney is in the conservatorship for 12 years. Because for years we believed its whats best for her.
  5. And I highly recommend German documentary that was realised few months ago "Auf der Suche nach der Wahrheit" - On the way on searching true. The last line is very eyes opening : 5 men accused MJ of abuse. All of them went to court asking for money. No one went to the police. It should speak for itself. Because of MJ's strange behaviour because lack of childhood he became easy target. And 1993 case opened for him Pandora's Box. Just a pity he hadn't Thomas Mesereau as lawyer back then maybe he would put the the end this circus back then and 2005 trail would never happen.
  6. Why was this info not shown in mainstream media? Incredible. What separates this documentary from films arguing his guilt, is this doc overwhelmingly uses provable information in the form of legal transcripts, police reports, and FBI files. I’d say that at least 80% of the doc is backed-up information and the rest is testimony. It’s very strong and hard-to-argue film for all the sceptics.
  7. Guys since few days on Amazon Prime there is a new documentary regarding Michael Jackson and reality behind allegations, it mainly focus on 1993 cases and touches about 2005 trial and James/Wade. It is great just facts and it is amazing that it doesn't try to manipulate your feelings as Leaving Neverland. It was number 1 documentary on Amazon Prime. Highly recommend! https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0887TPJ6Q/ref=cm_cr_arp_mb_bdcrb_top?ie=UTF8 And just take a look at one of the comments: Follow The Trial, Read The Court Transcripts, View The FBI Files No More Media Propaganda Square One shows you how bad actors with the media extorted and manipulated the world using false accusations with Michael Jackson as the poster boy for p*******a. Michael Jackson stories sells dead or alive and till today, it will be what the media tells you even when they know it is false because the dead cannot be defamed because they cannot speak. Starting with the 1993 Michael Jackson Allegations, Square One gives incredible evidence with vivid timelines and corroborated details of how Michael Jackson became and continues to be a victim of false allegations, criminal injustice and media propaganda. Looking at the evidence Square One presents, one will be able to observe the events and situations leading to the years of dogged accusations while understanding the context of what and why it happened. The cast of characters are quite interesting on their own and play a central role in the framing and eventual media lynching of Michael Jackson. Experience how some in the Chandler family, the media and NAMBLA supporter Victor Gutierrez create a conspiracy that will eventually become the prelude to the character assassination of MJ. The main stream media here demonstrates how it has never been for the people. They were not made to tell the truth but with their confirmation bias for over 25 years, they influenced how the world understood and almost accepted the unproven and false allegations. They were mostly elitist, for profit, and a propaganda machine for the real underground criminals in Hollywood. What they did with Michael Jackson is a journey that will frustrate you. Square One takes you through the light and darkness where you will see how these forces come together to destroy truth and manipulate history. How can we as a society be satisfied and confident believing prejudiced articles and false accusations over an American judicial system, the FBI, medical examiners, private investigators, child services, SBPD, LAPD and even building permits? Everyone needs to stop judging and condemning based on stories made to manipulate your emotions and feelings. Square One shows you how truth should never be a multiple choice for us to pick and choose what plays best with our emotions and opinions. Danny Wu has done a great service to the world and now HIStory can be told and retold so that the lie will never become the truth.
  8. Amazing news! Thriller is still the best music video ever and it will remain legendary forever! Last year I watched a movie "US" and it was kind of one of the biggest inspiration!
  9. And for thoes that believe in the accusations please watch a real documentary that show facts, it is available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Square-One-Taj-Jackson/dp/B0887TPJ6Q
  10. Believe all victims, what a pity MJ is not alive, so he can seek same justice from a court: Carl Beech: the liar who made false claims of a VIP child abuse ring ordered to pay almost £24,000 The man who made false claims of a VIP child abuse ring and received compensation for his lies has today been ordered to pay £23,960. Carl Beech, 52, claimed that he was among many victims of high-profile establishment figures who raped and murdered children in the 1970s and 1980s. Telling police he had been transported to ‘*** parties’ as a child where he claimed to have suffered ******ic abuse at the hands of a VIP ‘group’, Beech’s lies resulted in a £2million investigation. Despite a complete lack of evidence supporting Beech’s claims, he continued to maintain that his account was true throughout his trial. However, the CPS put forward extensive evidence to dismantle Beech’s lies and fabrications and prove that the allegations were absolutely false. On 22 July 2019, he was convicted of 12 counts of perverting the course of justice as well as one count of fraud for taking money to compensate him for abuse that never happened. Today at Sheffield Crown Court, Beech has been ordered to pay £23,960 within three months or face an additional year in prison. Adrian Phillips of the CPS said: “The compensation money given to Beech was meant to support him following the extensive, sustained torture by high profile people that he made up and described to police. “Causing unimaginable distress to the men he falsely accused and the families caught up in his deception, he gladly took money from the authorities knowing he had fabricated the entire tale. “Confiscating this money will not undo the harm of his lies, but it is the final step in making sure that Beech does not profit from the shameful false allegations he made.” Notes to editors Carl Beech (D.o.B.: 23/01/1968), of Gloucester, was convicted of 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one count of fraud at Newcastle Crown Court on 22 July 2019. On 26 July 2019 he was sentenced to 18 years in prison At Worcester Crown Court in January 2019, he admitted four counts of making indecent images of children, one count of possessing indecent images of children and one count of voyeurism.
  11. There is no proof, just some accusations. It's sick to think that people rather believe accusations than court verdicts... It is so easy to creat accusations but it is hard to prove them. Imagine that we would be friends in real life and due to our argument I would accuse you of molesting my child. Should everyone believe me and destroy your life because you should always believe victims? Or maybe first wait till investigation and trial take place and then judge? We seem that we developed but in fact there is no difference as we still make a justice by ourselves. The only one difference is that we don't kill people now, just destroy their life. We should believe in law and justice system otherwise there is small difference between us and people who make justice by themselves. And it is scary as imagine all people instead of going to court or police would just make a "documentary"and destroy other lifes by accusations. World be live in anarchy... But MJ had a trial and was investigated by FIB and was proven to be innocent and Wade Robson testified in the court of law in the age he was an adult man. This is what I believe not some make up accusations after a man is dead for 10 years. But keep believing in all accusations, why do we need courts, judges and police. We can serve justice by ourselves...
  12. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/michael-jackson-trial-juror-reflects-on-child-molestation-case-i-would-still-vote-not-guilty-today It’s really important for me to share my story because when I talk, even in my daily life to people that I don’t know or even with people I know, everybody still thinks he was guilty,” Coccoz, known as juror #10, told Fox News. “And I find it hard to believe that it’s still going on. That’s not what happened… he was accused of some horrible, horrible things and it’s a sad thing that we lost such a wonderful human being on this planet. We need to all look at things for what they were instead of saying, ‘Oh yeah, he was a freak. He was guilty because he was a freak.’ Everybody’s different and God forbid we should all be judged in a courtroom because we’re a freak and we’re guilty.” Coccoz didn’t always feel that way about the pop star. When the mother of three boys first heard the accusations, she was ready to find him guilty if they proved to be true. “For me, it was a real sensitive spot,” she admitted. “I took it kind of personal in a way that you would never want something like that to happen to your children. So I really didn’t think or care that he was Michael Jackson. If he was doing these things that he was being accused of, I didn’t feel that I had any problem finding him guilty if that was the case.” The jury found the testimony of Arvizo’s family to be not credible. Some jurors even noted Arvizo’s mother would stare down at them and even snapped her fingers at the bewildered group. “There were a lot of moments where you felt... ulterior motives was money,” she explained. “And it appeared that they were imposing themselves on everyone that they could and they used different opportunities and a ‘feel sorry for me’ scenario. There were a lot of moments, really. "There were several people, several stars that indicated they really needed something from them. It was very strange that they talked to an attorney and said he was molested. And ironically, it was the same attorney that had something to do with the Jordan Chandler case. So, I don’t know, that raised some eyebrows. It just seemed really, really far-fetched. And unfortunately, the family’s credibility was just horrible.” Because I have boys, I guess that’s my experience I’m using to refer to,” she said. “Boys are pretty obvious in their mannerisms. [And] he didn’t seem upset…when you put kids in a situation where they’re suddenly surrounded by adults, you see a different person…when it comes to talking about being molested, I would imagine that’s a very difficult, difficult thing to talk about, especially in front of a lot of people in a courtroom setting. So I can see how it’s something that would be upsetting. [For him], it’s something where it would come across as ‘no big deal, just another day in the courtroom.’ "But also, the emotions that go with a moment that causes trauma or impact on you, especially if you cared about someone or were so enamored with someone who totally let you down. I would think that would be a little more intense…not even a tear or a moment of choking up arose. And that was kind of strange, too.” The jury delivered the verdict in California Superior Court on their seventh day of deliberations. Coccoz revealed she will never forget Jackson’s reaction. “I remember looking and I could see that there was a tear running down his face…we were all very emotional. It was a very emotional moment," she revealed. It] painted a picture of him being this monster when he spent all his life trying to do good things for children, that had to have just crushed him,” she said. “I know it would have crushed me. To rob him of the joy of what he worked so hard (for) in his life was just so, so wrong. I can only imagine for him, that was probably the reason why he had a hard time with finding that spark again. I imagine that spark was just taken away.” Coccoz added that if the trial were today, she would still stand by her not guilty verdict based on the evidence presented to the jury. “It was pretty obvious that there was no molestation done,” she said. “It was pretty obvious that there were ulterior motives on behalf of the family. And the mother, she orchestrated the whole thing…that’s my opinion. But there wasn’t a shred of evidence that was able to show us or give us any doubt in voting guilty. It was pretty obvious there was no other way to vote other than not guilty.”
  13. And interview with one of member of Jury from the trial: https://www.google.com/amp/s/globalnews.ca/news/3620304/michael-jackson-child-molestation-trial-jury-members/amp/ The media pressure was such that there was a desire for them to have a guilty verdict, and when they didn’t, it was like… how dare you find Michael Jackson not guilty?” Jones said Most importantly, the jurors say, if the trial took place in 2017, they would still find Jackson not guilty of all the charges. Since the trial’s conclusion and Jackson’s death, more information has come to light — including reports, now proven false, of a stockpile of ****ography at Neverland Ranch and Jackson’s own daughter saying he was “murdered” — but the jurors contend that the singer was not guilty of the charges, and there simply wasn’t enough compelling, convincing evidence from the prosecution. I think he had a giggly, stupid relationship with children that was misconstrued,” Coccoz said. The pop star’s reputation never recovered post-trial despite the not-guilty verdict, and he died four years later. He is buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles.
  14. I am so sorry but sleeping with someone in one bed is not a crime as long as nothing more happens. And as trial proved nothing more happened. Michael was not normal based on our norms and he was so much child-like himself. And I rather believe Elizabeth Taylor or Lisa Marie Presley that saw Michael in bed with kids but said nothing more happened than 2 LIERS who lost a case in the case and didn't get money from Estate and their lies are proven like a train station that James claimed where MJ molested him. But the issue is dates don't match... Train station in Neverland was built when MJ was married to Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson. And I rather believe her that they had normal sexual life and remember she left her first husband to be with MJ although she had 2 kids with him! But hey Lisa doesn't need money and although she was rejected by Michael after divorce as she wanted to come back and was dating MJ for 4 years after divorce. Listen to whole interview with Brandi Jackson it will open your eyes. MJ set her up with Wade on his request. Yeah he would do that if he would be sleeping with him... And Lisa Marie at the same time. And I recommend this article about 2005 trial and how media showed it and how media didn't show true during trial, how they just listened to witness without listing to cross examination from MJ's lawyers: https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.huffpost.com/us/entry/610258/amp One of the Most Shameful Episodes In Journalistic History!
  15. Exactly! And don't dig into lies of this 2 LIERS who lost a case in the court of law! Its disgusting! He speaks same staff for years. That nothing happened but you know there is a difference between him and Wade, he doesn't need money. He is still close with kids of MJ. Especially Paris. His behaviour? What can you say about his behaviour!? Have you been pushed by your father to work in the age of 5? Did your experience such a huge abuse from your father? I recommend you to listen to MJ's childhood to understand his trauma of lack of a childhood. And Interviews where he says that Neverland was created to compensate lack of childhood. I love how the same people who are aware of how media shows Britney and don't believe paid articles about her are so quick to believe every trash media says about MJ. And back to 2005 verdict, media and people believed same a "victim" that was changing his version many times same as people believe Leaving Neverland. After 2005 verdict I would be more careful... A trial proved MJ is incocent. It is so easy to destroy someone who makes accusations, but why Wade and James didn't win case in the court first and then make a documentary? Why they made it after they lost a case against Estate? Wade was showing love to MJ until Estate rejected him and didn't accept him as a choreographer for a Las Vegas residency. He wanted to be main choreographer. But he forgot there is MJ any more with a good heart that could give him job as always. And listen to interview with a niece of MJ who dated Wade for almost 10 years in which Wade claims MJ molested him! Years that finished with sleeping with Britney...
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