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  1. this looks like a screenshot of a photo taken from a screen. lol wait-- like, someone in her team took a photo of the screen of another device. like, literally. and then such photo was screenshot and sent through and app which further compressed it. does that make any sense?
  2. Good question indeed. You know what's a better question? Why certain mods align with certain petty users and start throwing warning points your way, after their friends are the ones who start drama...
  3. I think only thirsty queens think he's some kind of prince charming. its mostly thirst and wishful thinking. Anyone with a brain can see right through Scam. But he'll be exposed. Just wait. I only fear Britney is going to suffer too much after that disappointment.
  4. Yup, they come into threads and bully people with their passive-aggressive preachy ways, ugh. And demand people to be banned. Talk about delusional privilege. If they don't like being talked back at or "these kind of videos" then they should gtfo and find some other thread about peaches and rainbows that cater to their delusion. btw it's crazy who many of these individuals talk and act alike... pathetic, really anyway, moving on. SCAM, we're on to you and we don't care how many thirst traps you post to try to fool us, girl!
  5. Agree that make-up is horrible, it makes her look bad. Add the cringey captions Cassiney writes to those pics and the overall result is disastrous. But really, why does Britney paint her eyes like that. Is it like a security blanket kind of thing? Or maybe she used to have the smoky eyes all the time back in the day and feels this IS the official look of "Britney Spears"? Is this normal? What is it, really?
  6. yup, pretty much. I get thirstiness.... really. these are trying times. but the truth is right in front of our eyes. ppl need to stop thinking with their ****s/hoohas.
  7. fair enough. just remember that if people decided to still trust TeamCon's apparent good intentions and the positive press they had been enjoying until mid 2019, #FreeBritney probably wouldn't even be happening right now. Like those PSA's at airports recite, "if you see something, SAY SOMETHING." oh we're seeing a pattern, alright just remember, hot beefcakes can be evil and greedy too
  8. OMG?! I love i! she looks adorable! <3 no, no actually, wait... I'm not gonna be excited about new Britney hair...Nor am I gonna hype it like crazy. Like who is she fooling, she's gonna have some ****ty extensions back on in like 2 weeks. Watch.
  9. I remember a time when people said "Her dad wants what's best for her, we shouldn't attack or question team con" or even worse: "If Britney chose Kevin as her husband it's because he's legit. STFU, he's the real deal" No boo, we're all entitled to our opinions. And we have eyes... if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck...
  10. that sounds juicy as eff... do we have new receipts? gossip twitter has been saying lots of things since the court documents started being released...
  11. exactly. this, all this! there's just so much sketchiness going on.
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