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  1. Oh honey, if Jordan and white Exhale (and its racist "content curators) tried to excuse police brutality during the peak of the protests and censored and gave warning points to brown and black Exhale users for calling out the obvious racism in America and, well, oh this forum... do you really think these people are gonna condemn Shane Dawson's despicable videos? I bet they're even gonna try to excuse the horrible "Hey It's Millie" videos Shane made with the Fine Brothers from the REACT channel (if you haven't seen them, just look them up on youtube. Several accounts have reuploaded them after being deleted by the official channel) who by the way are getting cancelled because of their mistreatment of black staff and talent.
  2. If you call out racists on here, you'll even get warnings from the admin.
  3. Jordan even gave me a warning for calling out the subtle racism on here. From his "content curators", especially. So disappointing. I'm still calling out this site on twitter tho.
  4. hunni theya re trying to normalize racism using fancy words and obviously because they're feeling protected and even encouraged by this forum. tells you a lot about how things are run around here. @JordanMiller do better.
  5. Kellyanne, why are you pretending like you have not seen the thousands of police brutality videos against black folks and their allies from *these* riots alone? The white people who infiltrated the protests damaging public and private property? Policemen destroying their own cars? And white supremacists trying to instigate fear and chaos while carrying assault weapons, intimidating BLM protesters? Have you not seen Fox News and pro-nationalist media alike trying to normalize the "accidental" killing of George Floyd? Of course you have. And you agree with them. As as you have seen seen protesters peacefully chanting "don't shoot"... and then getting shot. Some peaceful protesters are getting their masks pulled down and getting pepper sprayed right in their eyes. Some cops are dressing like protesters and trying to incite violent action. We've all seen it because thank God, everyone has a camera in their phones. Your racist president and his racist totalitarian policies, which you're low-key trying to normalize with fancy talking, is advocating for the killing of these people, who just want to stop getting murdered in the street, kinda like that one country he always *****es about. Riots happen for a reason. Yes, destruction is bad, but sometimes violence is necessary for change. Focusing on the looters is the racist conservative media's strategy to condemn the movement as a whole. Stonewall had looters too, but now gay rights are taken seriously. ****, the Boston tea party destroyed the goods of businesses, and that got you a country. But sure Kellyanne, you keep doing your whataboutism. It's so appalling it's almost funny. PS: I'm glad your like-minded friends are supporting your posts. At leas now we can single you all out.
  6. what narrative? that police are encouraged by racists in America to kill black folks? Is that a fake narrative? You tell me, mean internet racist diva.
  7. Police brutality isn't relevant to the discussion? Karen, go back to your cartoons and tone-deaf tired music video divas.
  8. I think it's time for you to stop trying to excuse police brutality and racist killings of black folks in America. There's no amount of alternative facts with which you can save face, Kellyanne.
  9. I already called them out in the Britney Spears forum. Several times. "I'm fully in support of the movement, but--" You better stop talking now. Your racism is showing.
  10. Like, how they try to spin anything about the protests and make it about "only a few bad apples in the police", or "looting and destroying small businesses is far worse than the killing of black people by vicious police offers", or even "don't trust twitter, that's ANTIFA fake news, like how can we be so sure white supremacists and bad cops have actually infiltrated the protests and are the ones actually destroying and looting" Care to name them on this thread? Expose them? Have you read their tone-deaf, pro-racist comments in the BLM Britney-related threads on the Britney Spears forum? Are you going to speak up? Are you going to call them out? Is it true that Jordan was trying to prevent black and brown exhalers and allies from posting pro BLM comments? Is Jordan truly an ally? Do you think I will get warning points too for simply pointing out the obvious and calling out the racism and white privilege on this forum? Will I get banned for speaking up against racism and police brutality? Discuss.
  11. What about our eyes? How can we not acknowledge the police that are literally destroying shops, the undercover cops destroying places and looting during peaceful protests? Don't try your alternative facts or whataboutism on here. You and your racist Exhale friends have been exposed. Also, @JordanMiller's convenient silence is deafening. How sad, really. If this site is only going to pretend to be an ally but at the same time try to repress BLM comments, just say so... Twitter is already on to BH, anyway.... PS: It's actually thanks to Twitter that the murder of George Floyd went viral. We got VISUAL PROOF. Racist cop got arrested and charged. So don't try to spin this. take an effing seat and stfu, racist fool.
  12. ikr? those blacks...why can't they protest more...white? maybe you should hand them some assault weapons...only then they'll be treated as humans, right?
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