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  1. But then they would eventually split and she'd have to pay him child support just like with K-fed... Another leech would continue living off of Britney... Nuh-uh!
  2. How about personal trainer/model/... ******? oh yes, the streets are talking....
  3. pfff... my bet's on those tiktokers being represented or handled by whatever talent or social media agency that also represent britney. now they're gonna use her IG to cross-promote. so obvious, just watch
  4. TOTALLY, I hear you! so predictable... sure, they're together... but that doesn't mean fans and the GP don't get to comment on the obvious: she's dating a babysitter-****** hired by her father, who by the way OWNS her life. Britney wants to break free. there's a court battle going on right now... haven't you heard? take a seat.
  5. are you implying Britney isn't right in the head and would totally marry that douche and that's why TeamCon needs to be in charge? I thought most ppl on here were for #FreeBritney? Interesting...not
  6. ...his name and account get more mentions as of late. Remember how "she" didnt follow him back when they were already dating and barely mentioned him? Have you noticed? Now it's Sam this and Sam that, with his account being mentioned in the captions. It started shortly before the Hawaii trip pics. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHqvLWFAcOn/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CHvsTMPAJHF/ SCAM is finally demanding the clout he thinks he deserves by ***ually babysitting Britney. It's obvious it wasn't stipulated in his contract but changes have been made. it's becoming more blatant now. It's the SCAM Asghari show now on Britney's IG. It's up to you whether you keep supporting this mess or not.
  7. But seriously wasn't it obvious!?!? Where are all the silly flop fans who pretend to want Britney free but at the same time hype the **** outta those posts and whatever TeamCon puts out?! What is this, delusion? Or some sort of imbecility trait? If you wanna help Britney, DO NOT ENGAGE, DO NOT HYPE, DO NOT SUPPORT whatever her BRAND and PAPA SPEARS puts out. Stop trying to make "Britney" on Instagram happen. It is not her. Stop babbling out about things you do not understand. If BRITNEY is on strike until things change, then so should we. Just....
  8. Poor woman, she was kind of a scapegoat for the CON-servatorship fighters. Myah Marie represents Britney's creative diminishment, lack of interest and/or input, rushing out things, etc. She could've easily come out with a statement--long ago-- saying: Yes, it is indeed her voice singing AS Britney on most of IABJ, no, she didn't know to what extent they were gonna use her vocals and pass them off as Britney's... In the end, she was hired to do a job and wasn't informed much about the details. But she was probably forced to sign an NDA...so she can't say ****. Poor Myah. It's a hard situation she's found herself in. Oh well.
  9. source: https://www.tmz.com/2020/11/08/britney-spears-dad-jamie-makes-case-remain-co-conservator-estate/ Support the new unreleased single? UH, I THINK THE **** NOT. Download it from "alternative options"... and BOYCOTT LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW, Y'ALL.
  10. Well I asked because for some people, Britney's alleged half-assery is directly linked to her being creatively stunted because of her restraints. Some people expect her to make a full recovery after she's free and hope she's back to some sort of Primeney level or at least Circusney level. Some fans have opinions like these: And people who would still stan no matter she somewhat dances or not: In the end it's a perfectly normal discussion to have among fellow Britney fans. Some people expect her to make a full recovery others have already made peace with Currentney's performing style. I for one, think she'll stay the same but will enjoy more what she does. Probably improves like a 20%... For me that's enough tbh I only want her to be happy.
  11. Post-conservatorship, post-drama, full freedom... Would you expect her to transform back into Primeney, or even better, give us mature sophisticated Primeney 2.0? Or do you think she would stay the same, performance-wise? would you still stan, attend and support? Discuss.
  12. I got an 'Outrageous' remix for Domination instead...so I don't know what he's talking about either...
  13. Yup, I'm calling it as well: OLD VIDEO. Not buying the whole Covid testing thing... I love her but that's not what she looks like right now. Def Glory- post glory era. Oh well. Nice throwback, TeamCON. Thx SCAM for posting.
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