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  1. But what I don’t understand ...Sam can see her IG and I can’t imagine he wouldn’t tell her ?
  2. What do you exactly think or mean when you talk of Britney is probably “dead”..?What for thoughts do you have exactly on this ?
  3. Perhaps Brian didn’t so much control if Brit took her meds regularly ...?!
  4. Couldn’t anyone file for a petition to end the CON?Can it be someone from U.S...like a fan or so ? i am from Germany. i think I read it could be everybody...????
  5. 21 hours ago, Haha-Hehe-Haha-Ho said: @ColdAsFire89 @THE BAJAN VIBE You know I can't keep my mouth **** about the secret thing that keeps coming up because i'm passionate about it. I have a big mouth 🤷 I hope it's ok if I DM you guys about it from time to time when relevant topics come up cause if I don't get my thoughts out about it i'm gonna burst. it's a huge piece of this puzzle and i can't carry the weight of this knowledge on my own. What do you say? DM me pleaaaase 🙏🙏🙏
  6. That all doesn’t mean s.o.isn‘t suffering ...how superficial can s.o.be to think these little things in life can make all her traumatic experience disappear ? real sad of you really
  7. I think Jamie Lou was always jealous of Britney and she is feeling no harm to see her sister all this years as a prisoner .Sad but I think true
  8. Not with Oprah please the same she is also on the dark side ...but yes it would be the best to hear it all from Britney herself one day -a person she trusts
  9. If this is a fake or someone find it funny to post that here ...I am really angry 😡
  10. Thank you so much you said it so well everything you said here is so true ❤️☀️🙏
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