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  1. Thus is exactly what I would hope and pray for! They are going down and I fully believe they will be jailed!!!
  2. The judge can not deny the request to move to the bessemer trust!! What’s left of her assets needs to be protected even if she has £20 million she could downsize and life a comfortable life, get rid of all the leeches! She could do a world tour and Album when she is free and could earn an absolute fortune x
  3. Britney i am sending you all my love and support. You will absolutely have your freedom and money back gurl!! #jailforloutaylor
  4. It makes me sooo sad that she could literally be bankrupt! This is absolutely insane!!!!!!!!! this needs to stop its getting out of hand now
  5. I am absolutely gobsmacked!!! Corrupt to the core! When this is all over, she will come back bigger stronger and have her emancipation!! Her estate is being literally a trough and the pigs are all round it!! Mark my ******* words !!! They will ALL pay for this abuse and corruption !!! LOU M TAYLOR IM LOOKING AT YOU *****!!!!! Jamie you are screwed too
  6. I honestly cannot believe this! I’m SHOOK!!! The time is now for these crooks to get exactly what they deserve! She may not get her 12 years back but karma will give them 12 plus years of HELL!!’
  7. This makes me absolutely sick to my stomach!! The three evil amigos together!
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