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  1. It's not illegal LMAO If you watch the video the guy said a guard came to look at them, and did nothing. Because there was nothing he could do about it. I hope to see this kind of energy from you when Exhale gets an "inside" info about Britney's case. Also, as a journalist I can say you clearly don't know how journalism works.
  2. Right! But when your source give you a private info about the hearing and you post it here, isnt the same thing? Im not attacking you, I actually very grateful for the informations you share with us. Im just trying to understand this whole discussion.
  3. I understand both points of view. I removed it because I dont want to see the pic fans being dragged. They had the best intentions at that moment. Like I said: why judge them while we get "inside" tips about the hearing? Whats the difference? Anyway I see how the picture can be used against us. I dont agree but I understand it.
  4. I deleted the pic now I dont know what to do! I understand your point of view but I dont think its fair to judge these fans. The #FreeBritney just exists because we are investigating Britney's life and court's corruption. The BritneyGram's was a privacy violation. Your source telling you about what happened on the hearing was a privacy violation. Why are we judging only these three fans while we are all doing the sane thing? Also, I dont think they have the right to get privacy when civil rights are being violated! If we wanna help Britney, we have to investigate. Hear through the door or get a inside information are the same thing. About the pic: its your decision, I dont know really...
  5. You guys are such hipocrytes. You spend days investigating the cship and trying to find out everything that is happening not only in Britney's personal life but also in the hearings. Now you want to point the finger to the fans that were giving you the informations you were happily discussing last week. *****es please... You sound like a bunch of Jamie Lynns...
  6. I was watching the #FreeBritney lives series on /freebritneyla instagram, and he talked with one of the fans who was listening the hearing through the door. The guy (James) said the first thing he heard was judge saying the words "a violation of civil right" (minute 11:55). He sald said other interesting or weird things: - He didn't hear anything about Britney being waited or trying to connect... he heard the judge saying "I need her here to discuss etc" tho, and he assumed it was Britney... but he don't know for sure! -Also a represent of lynne's attorney was supposed to be there in person... and he was super late, blamed the traffic... he arrived like 3 minutes before the hearing was finished (I thought the CPS came late?) You guys should watch it:
  7. já pensei em criar um twitter FreeBritney BR mas sei que eu fico pegando um monte de responsabilidade e depois não dou conta kk mas se alguém criar e quiser ajuda pra cuidar, fazer posts etc, eu to disponível.. só não posso cuidar sozinho mesmo
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