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  1. As much as I wish you would push harder for #FreeBritney, I appreciate your measured response directly addressing the conservatorship. Your position on the issue has not always been clear, to be honest. It’s not that Shannon is unpleasant. Of course she was nice to you — she wants your money. Even as she was kicking us out of the parking lot, she welcomed us as paying customers. Those of us most committed to the cause take issue with anyone profiting from Britney’s name, image, and music while she’s under conservatorship, no matter how sweet or passionate they may be, especially while refusing to address the elephant in the room and without any clear indication that Britney herself (not the social media accounts) supports it. Shannon could have mitigated the suspicion around the Zone any number of ways, and she chose not to. I also disagree that Mood Ring is a step in the right direction for the same reasons. It’s an effort to squeeze pennies out of a five year old recording with no indication that Britney even knows about it.
  2. Jordan, we may not agree on a few things, but on this we agree, and I want to commend you for the way you’ve handled this.
  3. Welcome! A few months back, another fan and I asked to take over your subreddit to make it more like Exhale, but we were denied. So we became moderators of r/Britney but never got around to putting the work in.
  4. All Bryan did differently was create a website. By talking about the team’s abuses, we are already doing the things that make us targets for lawsuits.
  5. I believe the call is real. I am not the paralegal, but that is a funny thought.
  6. This is about Lou Taylor vs. Bryan Kuchar. Bryan should depose Britney so that she has to testify about Lou Taylor. It would be very telling if this happens and the suit is dropped. It’s not that Enty, who wrote the blind item, has insider information. It’s just his assessment of the situation.
  7. At the Season 11 Grand Finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race, one of the queens reveals “Free Britney” on her shorts under her dress during a lip sync. I hope it makes it on TV. You heard it here first!
  8. I missed this article Friday morning. After reading it just now, I tweeted this to Eat, Pray, Britney: “...we’re told the accusation is completely false” jumped out at me because it is such a boldfaced denial. Could this be because the notion (that the conservatorship is for financial gain) can never be proven? You’d pointed out before that the team rarely addresses specific theories — they never denied that Britney was involuntarily entered into treatment in January, for example — so I found this denial interesting. After all, the accusation is the backbone of the movement.
  9. All this time I thought her name was really Brenda Joan. Her full name is Brenda Johns Penny.
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