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  1. Sorry if this has been posted, i checked but couldn't see anything, its been said shes missing and presumed dead. Her son was found alone in a boat on Lake Piru in California on wednesday afternoon. She rented a pontoon boat and took her son onboard. The boat was found around 4pm with her son in it and no sign of Naya, but her car was still parked at the lake. No body has currently been found so nothing confirmed but i dont see any other outcome. So sad :-(
  2. He is a very handsome man, but he performs on stage in CROCS so it's a hard pass from me... I'm sure he will lose sleep over that
  3. you dont need need to have done something illegal to get cancelled, a judge and justice system found her husband guilty of rape and her brother of child rape, and she supports them, this isnt an accusation, this is FACT
  4. Rape and child rape isn't funny, stop trying to be cute about it
  5. Sorry this reply is bull, im not jumping on the cancel culture bandwagon, nicki minaj is married to a convicted ******, she supported her child ****** brother... This isnt some low level petty bull****. She supports someone who rapes women, and supports someone who rapes children... Her turning a blind eye to it makes her an enabler, basically saying that shes cool with what they did by supporting them. She also makes a mockery of BLM by allowing that trollz ahole to use the N word. Just like people who still support jeffree star you're a low key racist, if you still support nicki minaj then that also means you dont support rape victims simple as. I may be going to the top shelf with my words, but u basically pay to support a ****** by buying her music/merch we all know she supports him
  6. *trigger warning sensitive topics below I dont get why she's not. She records music with ped******s, she's married to a convicted ****** and supported her child ****** of a brother. Jeffree Star is cancelled for his racist remarks and rightly so, but why does she seem to just get a free pass. I dont want any bull-ish that people change etc or he did his time for his crime. She may not have commited the crimes herself, i guess love is blind or whatever, but what's the excuse for 6ix9ine getting a free pass?
  7. I doubt she'd work with a paedophile enabler after the r kelly stuff., and also lady gaga is a rape survivor and minaj's husband is a convicted ******...so no! All the no's. Nicki seems to surround herself with rapists and paedophiles, shes a disgusting mess!
  8. So because she didnt have any other options, we should all like stupid love? Its a bad song regardless of circumstance. If she didn't have anything else, she should have postponed it.
  9. The hand 'movements' trigger me hahaha. She never extends her arms properly and it makes her look dumpy when she dances, i know shes small anyway, but think of im a slave, she extends fully and ud never think she was a short *** haha
  10. Hey everyone, i guess you cld say im a bit tardy for the party. Ive just started watching real housewives. Rhobh rhoa and rhony, my favourite being Atlanta so far KIM ZOLCIAK IS A MESS. What are some of your favourite songs from a housewife. I live for countess luann and kim. I can't find a studio version of the ring didn't mean a thing. Did this never get released? It makes me cringe so much, especially kim who just half ***** everything, but its like Donald Trump everytime he speaks, you can't help but stare in amazement at the stupidity unfolding in front of you.
  11. corn and gays deffo don't mix...especially if you're a bottom :-P
  12. emphasis on tried, just because you try doesn't mean you should be successful. her music just isn't that good, its not bad, but its nothing to WOW at. Nothing to do with race, genre of music or anything of the sort. There's nothing there, forgettable music teamed with poor choices...that single with Britney? the song was a bop but she should know that 0 promo goes into Britney songs now. what kinda artist is she? r&b? pop? dance? she needs to go away and focus on one lane, or find a way to at least make her vision more cohesive.
  13. I'm from Scotland. No we don't all wear kilts, and yes it rains a lot
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