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  1. https://theblast.com/c/britney-spears-kevin-federline-restraining-order-jaime-child-abuse ****'s about to go down
  2. Wait a minute... Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Cardi B, and even Madonna at 60+ go on a rant in social media all the time because of little things like an article or some award they didn't get... Minaj even completely lost it when her album wasn't #1 and yet Britney is the crazy one for complaining about paparazzi taking pictures that make her look bad. You guys... sometimes I think the reason Britney is on a conservatorship is not because of her greedy family but because of some of her stupid fans. Kim Kardashian once cried on her tv show and her sisters had to do an intervention because she couldn't stop obsessing about paparazzi pictures of her at the beach looking like she had a little extra pounds than usual. She now pays a surrogate mother to have her kids so she doesn't have to deal with all that stress again... Tyra Banks also had some harsh words to talk about in live tv of paparazzi pictures of her looking a little off fit. I think Britney was very okay with her complaints. She didn't freak out or posted multiple times about it, like usually happens in these cases, and if she's crazy and unstable because of it then I'm sorry but half of the word is and needs to be on a conservatorship and I don't think there's even enough judges to handle so many conservatorships.
  3. Well, still, she went to court and said to the judge she wanted more freedom and was herself part of the #freeBritney movement. Also, notice how she says she is the one posting on insta but she filmed that video yesterday? She might very likely still need her posts to be aproved before posting them, which is very restrictive as well. There might be some theories going too far in terms of how much control the conservatorship has over her but that does not make it okay otherwise Britney herself wouldn't have and would not be still trying to fight it. There's just too much receipts to ignore, not to say the very problematic and full of lies narrative her team is sending to the media (TMZ, The Blast etc).
  4. A lot of things Britney do leak in advance so maybe that's true. I wonder though with all the cship NDAs is it even possible for it to happen? Maybe with her mom around defying her father's authority but I still doubt it somehow. I think she would like to do it though. Britney was always the type of person to go with these behind the scenes show you my truth kind of things. Chaotic, Dateline, For the Record, Diane Sawyer, among many others.. I have a feeling if the cship ends she'll definitely be willing to do something like that. Maybe a Netflix documentary, that would be sick.
  5. That's correct, but I believe in the past she has filed for it (she's the subject in the case) but has never been granted it until now. Probably because the judge has changed and also the circumstances with the whole Free Britney movement. I mean otherwise she wouldn't have filed 5 times for it in the space of less than 3 years, doesn't make a lot of sense.
  6. She was in a freaking mental facility and probably didn't know much if anything about the Free Britney movement. The info she was getting there was probably only through her team and they probably only told her about how her family was being threatened and of course that makes everyone panic and say everything is okay. Which is still sickening to me how they would say to someone in a mental facility according to them in bad shape and not dealing well with new medications that her family was being stalked and getting death threads. Like do they even care about her well being and recovery or the image of the conservatorship is everything that matters? Which further proofs how much of a scam is this conservatorship.
  7. His money and career. He was pretty much no one before cship, now he is one of the top attorneys in LA. And he was only selected as a Super Lawyer after her cship. https://profiles.superlawyers.com/california-southern/camarillo/lawyer/andrew-m-wallet/dc62a646-6249-45c9-a182-ea90273a82af.html
  8. Maybe they weren't being paid but actually have a direct source from Britney's team (her father probably). And now they might have a second source from the people trying to end the cship, and that's why this is more like a neutral article. [Remember Britney never had a way of contacting the media herself and her whole team is hired by conservators and therefore are pro-cship] Past articles would paint the free Britney movement as delusional but now it sounds more like a real thing. And they talk about the fact that Britney is saying she was sent to the mental facility against her will but Jamie doesn't have the power to do that. But if he does not have that power how can Britney be saying that? Like to determine what is against her will or not all it would take was her word right, so it sounds like one of them is lying and taking articles pretty much backed by her father he seems to be the more inconsistent one here. First it was Britney worried about her father's disease, then it was Britney almost dying without meds. At one point she was dismissing the movement and accusing Sam Lutfi of creating this whole drama but now she is pro-Free Britney. It just all points to her team not knowing exactly how to do damage control here as they watch the cship crumble. It's just sad that they can control everything and make it all look a little confusing and blurry. I'm sure if Britney could speak more directly through social media more people would join the movement (and maybe that's what she was asking the judge as in having more freedom). But hopefully more is going to get revealed as she gets untied.
  9. Actually everybody mimics bipolar symptoms during their life. There's these two spheres of humor and everybody goes through ups (maniac sphere) and dows (depressive sphere) during their lifetime based on their life experiences, traumas and everything else. And what actually differentiates that from a disorder is that in a disorder case these changes and fluctuations between the spheres of humor happens on a more irregular way without real reasons, like all of a sudden there's a huge change in humor from the top of one sphere to the bottom of the other. In the case of Britney I always suspected that she did achieve ends of the spheres (which is a symptom of a disorder) but not without her reasons... she went through a lot during 2006-2008 so that would explain both maniac and depressive humor... in a way her life and career are glamorous and exciting but then there's her child custody battle, divorce, body changes, family troubles, all that has an impact in humor and can be exacerbated by fame. What I mean is maybe she doesn't even have a disorder but episodes of that based on her life situations. If you research about these disorders you'll find out there's many cases of people with unique life situations that had episodes of said disorders but didn't actually have the disorder, meaning they didn't have to go through a lifetime treatment but more like a temporary treatment and the whole thing is more simpler to handle (BUT even when there's a disorder IT IS not recommended a guardianship at all as humor disorders are perfectly treatable).
  10. TMZ is ridiculous at this point. I mean, they trying to suggest there's something wrong with a woman wearing no shoes or socks... she probably just felt like getting comfy because her shoes were tight and took off her shoes before entering her car, pretty normal and standard behavior. But 'oh no she's probably crazy and lost right' I can't..
  11. Man, there's an entire topic full of articles and documents about that. And just by googling 'Britney Spears conservatorship' you're gonna have a bunch of articles both investigative and of her own team making it clear it's a full conservatorship with full control. I'm gonna post one of the best and most credible of them by the NYT https://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/08/arts/music/is-britney-spears-ready-to-stand-on-her-own.html with a quote by one of her boyfriends post-conservatorship (that had to be approved by her conservators to date her by the way) “And if anyone could see her interactions with her kids, they would know that there is no need for a conservatorship over Britney’s personal life.” - David Lucado As for reasoning, have you ever heard of corruption? Or abuse of power? The conservatorship system in America is full of problems, there's a bunch of articles denouncing that. It's an old and outdated system that simply opens a lot of holes to either conservators or the court itself abuse the conservatees especially when there's so much money involved. If there's such a need for her to be so restricted and monitored because of God knows why, then why the hell did she tour so much and did live tv during this? It makes 0 sense.
  12. Britney's conservatorship is both of the person and of the estate. There's a lot of articles and documents about that and that's the reason why her life's controlled to even the most basic stuff like driving or owning a cellphone.
  13. Show me one time she wasn't with a bodyguard though... her team is literally justifying to websites reporting on the cship that there's a reason she's not allowed to drive or to own a smartphone without supervision / permission. The fact that sometimes you've seen her driving in pictures doesn't mean she has that freedom it only means her team allowed her to do that at that time. Documents of the cship make it clear that her conservators have the power over those things. And it doesn't look good that someone that can tour the world doesn't have the freedom to drive her car whenever she wants to, and thus the reason why they are making sure to show that now.
  14. So a restraining order can last for a maximum of 5 years (usually between 3 to 5 years), which means the restraining order against Sam Lutfi that was issued on 01/30/2009 has probably expired around 2014. Just to remember back when the restraining order was obtained by team Britney in 2009 Lutfi was contacting Britney through a cellphone she obtained behind her team's back. They were arranging together a way for her to get free of the conservatorship and it ended up with her team getting 3 restraining orders (against Lutfi, ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib and attorney Jon Eardley). Her team used those contacts they were having as reason to file the restraining orders. Not so sure they can succeed on getting one now as Lutfi hasn't contacted or even tried to contact Britney. He has contacted her mom but she's not under a conservatorship so she's not protected by law or any of that. Edit: Oh, nevermind. They did get the restraining order as of yesterday but only temporary. This type of restraining order (civil harassment restraining order) is usually filed with around a 22 days expiration date and then a court hearing happens to make it permanent or not (with a 5 years max expiration). The court hearing was set for May 28th. https://www.eonline.com/news/1039507/britney-spears-files-restraining-order-against-controversial-ex-manager-sam-lutfi
  15. Interesting how just last month Britney was "checking herself" in a mental institution (with bad reviews) because of concerns over her father's health getting worse, and barely a month later he's walking himself to a court room seemingly in very good health. Yeah that makes a lot of sense lmfao
  16. That is a dumb thing to say. First of all because yes famous people do drive around ordering MCDonalds, I'm sure there are pictures of the likes of Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga etc doing that, it's normal. Second they do have management teams, lots of security guards, assistants and all that but they can and do fire people whenever they want and can also refuse to do something they said they should or want them to do. Selena Gomez went to rehab at least 3 times that we know of, Demi Lovato was on the verge of dying and actually tried to commit suicide at least 2 times, yet they are not in conservatorships. Reason is these things happen, not gonna say they are normal in the sense that help isnt needed but people deal with mental struggles and taking away they freedom is definely not a way of dealing with it. Hello, thats life. No one lives in a perfect bubble of happiness and stability 24/7. **** happens. Conservatorships were architected in the legal system for extreme cases where someone is simply incapacitated meaning can't work can't be understanded in a conversation have advanced dementia etc. It was not made to deal with mental disorders were the person can and should live a normal life. Thing is the legal system can be very corrupted sometimes and when they see a vulnerability they can act on their best interest instead of the actual person, not to say people can manipulate the legal system, there's definetely lots of historical evidences of that so Britney's father could've also used that vulnerability. Britney was just very naive to not see that coming and being prepared to that. There are ways you can proctect yourself against these kinds of "measures". She started taking action after the whole thing was arranged and she was already deemed uncapable which became a cycle of always having her voice unheard because 'oh she's uncapable her word means nothing'.
  17. After being exposed sure they are trying to cover every single evidence... I'll not be surprised if most things we discovered these past few weeks starts to suddenly disappear from the web, including court docs. Hence why its important to save them and save the pages on webarchives.
  18. Nobody asked or even massively supported Sam on this. He always has and always will try to thown himself into Britney's life and matters which is the reason he's an ******* to begin with, never giving her ******* space. However let's not forget Britney's parents made an "undisclosed agreement" with him back when he sued them, so they probably saw potential harm to the cship or maybe foresaw a loss considering the fact that they did trash him without real proof, especially that terrible Lynne book saying a lot of **** about him without showing any evidence. He is an obsessive stalker yes, but I don't think he's the monster Britney's parents tried to paint him... otherwise they would def not have payed him to stop. That said we can't really do anything about his involvement and this time it IS different, the real people moving this thing are the B fans not him like in the past. And also we are coming with our own evidences and inside info and not really using his stuff.
  19. "Britney saw the move as trashing her father — and wasn’t happy about it, the source said. On May 10, More will be revealed about Britney’s conservatorship, which a source said the star wants to finally end after over ten years. However, as Radar reported, her friends and family don’t believe she’s ready to go out on her own." This is soooo Jamie's camp. However that makes me think what are Lynnes true intentions with this... I suspect even if she's not really going against cship she's pissing them off somehow. I mean all these years her imput was pretty much 0 right, so they probably don't want her there anyway. And I think Lynne is just acting over her own interests... she was always neutral on this but slighly supporting cship when power and public percepcion was leaning towards pro-cship, now that most people are anti-cship and there are real chances big changes (or maybe even a complete end) are in sight, she makes her move to not be left out of Britney's life. Remember when Britney was in charge she did attack Lynne many times and strayed away from her, specially after she supported KFed on the custody case.
  20. i'll only leave when Britney's free... on another note i've been busy lately
  21. well they did block #mileycyrus on instagram after the videos of her shouting 'free britney' started to spread
  22. hmmmm... so Lou Taylor knew about the "all is well" video beforehand Idk but I def don't trust this woman and it doesn't seem to me Britney likes her as well.. it just seems more staged at this point Hopefully she's doing well though, she looked happier taking ice cream but who doesn't
  23. On a side note I'm still shocked to know that those emails leaked earlier are somehow real. I really thought someone had made that up and it all just seemed like an obscure reddit post but now we know that if her people are to be believed they are real only not written by Britney herself but Lutfi when he was in control (which makes me think they're real AND written by Britney). "if I’m dead I can’t sign your checks" does sound a lot like Blackout era Britney *****. Her team is very lame in damage control, whenever they try to fix something they end up spilling some beans
  24. Is the problem with conservators that family members or supposed friends are appointed conservators and they steal? Or that courts are appointing other people who turn out to be crooks? All of the above. I’m trying to show that there are some problems in the system that are fixable. Most have to do with oversight and accountability. I assumed that the system was well-regulated and controlled, but that’s not true. https://www.forbes.com/sites/nextavenue/2015/05/15/beware-the-con-game-of-conservatorships/ An actual journalist who investigated the conservatorship cases in America. And yet somehow people wanna believe everything related to the legal system or family and not question or investigate further.
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