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  1. Geraldine Wyle (Jamie's lawyer) claimed in her September 2008 declaration that she consulted with Blair Berk (who was supposed to be Britney's lawyer... ) Jamie but also Lou Taylor when they were working in early January to plan that cship. How do you explain that a woman who was a nobody but a stalker in Britney's life at that time was working with her dad to plan her conservatorship... There is also an interesting thing that happened before 2008. It was the Britney Spears Foundation tax filing was signed by an accountant in Tenessee, it could def be Lou . 2006 tax filing would have happened in 2007, **** were already going down in Britney's back way before the cship
  2. Yes Sam says that s ince Britney wasn't performing anymore so no more income, Wallet and his $426K/year was too expensive for her cship. They came to an agreement that was signed on February 2019, it was official in court on March .
  3. Yes she knew since she was in hospital, it appears she was noticed by her family law firm Trope & Trope who were then one who got the lawyer Adam Streisand for her. But it was too late, on Feb 1 the temporary cship already took away most of her right if not all.
  4. What led to the second 5150 seems to be nothing but part of the set up. Dr Deborah Nadel was treating Britney for a week or two, according to Sam L Britney refused to take those antipsychotics she prescribed to her because it would make her feel too. But the January 31 intervention was planned in advance like reported by the LAPD (i think we found the article last year in the old FreeBritney thread and exposed that) They needed her there for at least 3 days, claimed she had dementia got granted a first temporart cship, asked the court to not notice her of the February 4th hearing. By then it was alreadt over for her, she lost all her right and they took control of everything, bank accounts, house, car, credit cards, who she can talk to or not ect...
  5. That's a big day for Britney and the movement, she validated us in court document, there's no more place for paid article stating how wrong we are, or how the movement is hurting her or anything. We are in this together with her.
  6. In her declaration Geraldie stated they started working on finding how to get Britney under a cship in early January 2008 but however they were not looking to charge jamie for this work and that time, he got a month free with high profile lawyers cuz they knew about the millions they would make later
  7. She clearly played a key a role yet somehow managed to keep her name flying under the radar. It's very important for us to know all the people involved and the role they played .
  8. I still wanna know the logic the people who made this law had, like let's say someone is mentally ill, is that a reason to take away all his/her most basic human rights ? I mean mental illness is an issue all over the world yet most of countries never go to such an extent. Better yet they try to really make that nobody takes advantage of you and play their role as a state and authority to protect you. How the hell you order an investigation on someone and that someone has the power to approve who make the investigation ? You the judge, you the state so you appoint that f**king someone and get your reports. Ill or not you are a human and have rights, just like even criminals who have done terrible things still have rights, that's actually how you recognize a democracy. This law needs to change
  9. On the last accounting prepared by TriStar it is said that Britney property's tax was paid and accounted as money spent. It was a lie the property tax is still unpaid as of today. If us fans with the little knoweldge and informations access we have can find this imagine what they are hiding...
  10. I have zero take on it, if the probability that Britney has been taking meds for an illness she doesn't have like suggested by Tmz, to get a real diagnosis the physician would need her to be detoxified from any chemical, and only from there he would be able to start his work. What i know for sure is that it is impossible for someone who has dementia especially for more than 10 years to accomplish what she accomplished so we can throw away this one. If you wanna guess on the schizophrenia then legally we would have a problem, because she should be under another type of conservatorship called LPS.
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