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  1. Of course she would compare it to her two best selling albums. Someone should tell Katy that desperate isn’t a good look on her
  2. I’m shook One of her best songs, one of her best videos, and undeniably her best dance break Finally getting some of the attention she deserves!
  3. Both Queens in their own respective ways. I love both but I prefer RiRi over Bey most days. I don’t really see the need to pin the two against each other though
  4. Yes! I didn’t know so many people didn’t like the song or video It’s one of my favorites!
  5. Boy do these take me back! I remember visiting BH every once in a while during middle school (06-08) to see what Britney was up to, but I got most of my updates from X17 It wasn’t until the Femme Fatale era that I began lurking more frequently. That layout from 2012 brings back vivid memories for me I’m glad I finally gave in and made an account. It’s much more enjoyable actually interacting with the community than it is watching from the shadows. Congratulations @JordanMiller and Happy Anniversary BreatheHeavy!
  6. Wow you made this? It’s so good! Great job!
  7. Not that we got many, but out of the teasers she gave us, I was most excited to see her perform Coupure during Domination when I went to Vegas last May. That show obviously didn’t happen. I nearly died when I saw that rehearsal video though. The mask made me giggle. You know damn well that was NappyTabs’ “creative” idea because Britney doesn’t know her own French lyrics
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