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  1. Can I ask a sincere question, and if anybody knows, please enlighten me: Is Britney, as a conservatee, allowed to file a petition for termination on her own, or does her (court-appointed) lawyer have to do it on her behalf?
  2. She went HUGE literally overnight! Everybody knew her, from 3-year-olds to grandparents. Especially during the BOMT amd OIDIA eras, when a new video came out, everybody would be talking about it. Her 2000, 2001 and 2003 VMA performances made the headlines of the TV news the next day, globally. Even without the existence of the internet as we know it today, you could have an update on Britney everyday, from magazines, to MTV specials, to TV news, etc. She really did work so hard, I cannot even imagine how hectic her schedule must have been back then, she was constantly promoting for years..
  3. She looks GREAT! ..and is that a mood ring on her left hand?
  4. @PokemonSpears Yayy I found it! The single cover was definitely shot there. This is (was) in Lenny's home in Miami: Source: https://y2kaestheticinstitute.tumblr.com/post/157559195979/lenny-kravitzs-house-in-miami-designed-by OIDIA single cover:
  5. Ok, so I have been searching online for the past 30mins to find receipts and didn't succeed, but I strongly remember that either the OIDIA album or the single cover was shot at Lenny's home. Has anybody else ever heard that or did I just make that up? Anyhow, here is a cool -and extremely short- video of that day with Lenny & Zoe being at the shoot.
  6. Can't Make You Love Me vs. Cinderella
  7. Is it Toxic?? "Baby can't you see, I'm calling"
  8. Great poll! I voted for: - Amnesia (the fact that this bop isn't on Spotify makes me want to cry..) - ...Baby One More Time (that was hard to choose, turns out my fav Britney songs start from B! ) - Cinderella
  9. I now have officially the song stuck in my head and play it on repeat since yesterday!
  10. Break the Ice vs. Unusual You
  11. A bit cheesy for me, but amazing production (sounds great even 18yrs later) and vocals! This and Before the Goodbye are my favorite bonus/ unreleased from Britney the album.
  12. Gimme More vs. (You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix)
  13. I swear these magazine covers make me sick.. I can't even imagine how much of a scum one must be to come up with these headlines. All this cruelty and hatred, she really didn't deserve it.
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