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  1. Isn't she the one who unnecessarily decided to put covid infected patients into nursing homes and ended up killing A LOT of elderly ppl? But don't worry she took her own elderly mother out of the local nursing home before she could be exposed. Seems she's a great fit for the Biden admin. Yay progress
  2. Back at ya. Enjoy being on the wrong side of history. now please spare the other people in this thread and STFU
  3. Wow the bigotry against Americans is palpable. “Red neck” is not your word, YOU bigot. What happened last year at the hands of liberals was ridiculous too. You know destroying public property, small businesses, killing people. But no ones pretending those sick people represent the entire Democratic Party, but you don’t offer the same to republicans bc you’re lazy. The response to the capitol is far from unanimous too so please speak for yourself only. The “storming” of the capitol was just as much antifas fault as they were the aggressors. I’m not gonna act like they’re aren’t some dumb trump supporters, but the media’s effort to demonize them is very transparent. There is a current crackdown on free speech, and you’re probably rejoicing bc you want America to be just as miserable as you are. Won’t work bc most Americans (who you seem to enjoy sending hate to) actually have character.
  4. Well she lost in the primaries to an elderly ped0 with dementia, so I’d say she’s pretty dang unpopular. Her history in California as a prosecutor is not looked upon favorably in the slightest. She’s the kind of person who wants to put normal people in prison. And she will carry that energy into her presidency when Biden inevitably steps down bc he has dementia.
  5. Yea girl I schooled you several times I hope you took notes. Like I said you’re bullheaded so I’m not surprised you’re still on your bs. trump never called for insurrection. You’re just regurgitating talking points with no understanding of what actually happened. The nuances of the situation are lost on you. You’re the one who can’t handle the painful truth that the entire election was corrupt. You’re brainwashed. lady Gaga was tweeting about impeaching trump and I told her to stfu so yea it was relevant to the conversation. And what’s your excuse for misusing so many words then? Is it a “facade” of stupid?
  6. I didn’t criticize your grammar. I criticized your usage. Once again, you don’t know what words mean.
  7. You’re such a hateful person. Sorry I had to speak in simple statements bc you’re so bullheaded. I’m perfectly calm, take your own advice. Also go read a book. Sorry you can’t communicate properly. You support the president being banned from social media and impeached but I’M anti democracy? Righhhttt. didn’t you say you were done engaging for the day or something byeee
  8. Aaand now you’ve officially given up trying to defend your poor grasp of the English language. Thank you for the ad hominem attacks. Take care
  9. I did bc it’s another example of you not knowing what words mean. Hypocrite and literally carry specific meanings, dear. Get familiar. And now you’re throwing in the word backtracking for good measure I guess I never backtracked. I didn’t say she should be censored. I said she should shut up. When your siblings told your annoying behind to stfu all the way growing up, we’re they censoring you? No they were trying to cut out the white noise. The drivel. Some things don’t change, it seems.
  10. You just used “literally” like a freaking 13 yo jfc hey genius “literally” means I would have literally said she should be muzzled. Never did. you’re not being intellectually honest bc you got caught looking foolish. Be more exact with your words. You don’t have to imagine calling someone dumb. You did and you falsely called me a hypocrite. now bow out gracefully bc u officially look dumber than Gaga
  11. No I explained it very simply. Sorry you’re immune to logic. Trump isn’t a pop star. I can’t tell him to shut and sing bc he isn’t a singer Trumps job is politics, obviously he’s gonna comment publicly. Like, hello? Is there anyone home?
  12. Did I say censor her? Wow the REACH i said she should shut her dumb PRIVILEGED mouth for her damn self bc she looks stupid. Never said we should delete her Twitter or put a muzzle on her. nice try tho
  13. Same way you do, homie. We’re all human, tho the way you treat conservatives you wouldn’t think so.
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