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  1. Totally. It doesn’t sound outdated to me like some ppl on here were saying. It’s a cohesive throwback of sounds from the late 1980s-early 2000s. But it has modern bells and whistles to make it fresh enough to enjoy today.
  2. Well I think that’s painting with too broad of a brush. The album isn’t a total slam dunk, but it’s got plenty to offer. Stupid Love was definitely a bad choice and I still don’t like that song v much. Enigma and Sour Candy are also disappointing, but the rest of the album is good imo. especially the interlude buildup to 911... it’s epic so for people to call out that song in particular shows the blind criticism of some of this thread
  3. Lol just had a heated exchange w my brother so I listened to this cover to hopefully improve my mood... Didn't help. It's really messy and unsettling to listen to.
  4. This ain't it. She has some good features and my type is a bop tho.
  5. That gif 😂😂😂 Whitney was the queen of sass 😂
  6. Actually now THAT I would pay to see. But i don’t think Beyoncé would do something fun like that at this point in her career. Which is sad bc the only good acting she’s ever done was Foxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers Goldmember lol
  7. Nicki 😭 😤so frustrating when people you’re a fan of make such OBVIOUS mistakes. This isn’t pushing boundaries in a good way, Ms. Minaj.
  8. ...Bc she really hit it out of the park with Nala and “Spirit” 😬
  9. Aw there's extra distortion and chirping here and there on IFSFWY on Apple music. I wanted it for workouts But yeaaaaa it's playing RN and pitbull ummm... he just shouldn't make music. I maintain that Britney sounds cute and confident on this song tho, so I like it.
  10. Yikes I just downloaded "just fly away" aka takeoff Now THAT is hard to listen to. It has some cool moments, but the lyrics are cringe sometimes and her vocals on that first verse 😳
  11. I'm sorry but IFSFWY has a charm to it. Is it actually good? No but it's fun. I love the attitude she has in her voice on it
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