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  1. I've cried my eyes out with "When they see us" and gave up logic with Dark. I highly recommend them
  2. I'm obviously not a mod nor a long time member (and there's no shame in it) I like members from both sides and although i might not agree with many mods on certain issues, I've never attacked them (if you think otherwise, feel free to quote me) Basically from my perspective exhale is in trouble and that's what happens when big egos are put against each other. It's like a messy divorce. Because i believe that both sides tend to believe that they see it the right way. For the sake of this forum i think that a compromise must be met, even if that means changing the rules and what can be discussed or not, because it's only certain issues that set this place on fire and the mods having the last word before locking a thread is unflattering for many. Lastly, I'd like to say that i respect all the mods efforts managing this forum and I understand both mods' and members' frustration, that's why i suggest that a solution must be found ASAP.
  3. Taylor's music and persona is not so popular in Europe compared to Katy's, sooo I'll go with Katy. Overall, i think she had a bigger catalog, although she doesn't convince me anymore.
  4. Hopefully we get some of the answers we need. But why did he unfollow free britney followers? Was it in order to make himself sound more credible and not to align with her "crazy" fans?
  5. Another day, another thread on it's way to get locked i guess
  6. 2:30 2:31 red hat with white t-shirt. It's only a few seconds. He looks so absorbed
  7. Not gonna lie, i was frustrated yesterday with the thread being locked etc. Not everyone was rude and toxic, so not everyone should face the consequences. It was like taking away our right to express ourselves. @Jordan Miller i get why you locked it. I just don't agree completely with it. Perhaps deleting those comments is better than arbitrary close each thread. Otherwise it's not flattering, but you will end up looking like a dictator doing what you want, allowing us to talk about certain stuff or not at all and that is so far away from who you are imo. I'm glad you reopened it and i respect your values and intentions.
  8. I can't find anything positive in deceiving someone. His "hotness" doesn't mean anything to me. If your intentions are bad, you are bad and ugly. I personally wouldn't like my friend/sister/mother or anyone in a conservatorship being treated like that. There's no need to drag this further. I respect your opinion and sorry if i misread your comment
  9. So, you saying that living in a lie is ok because he's hot The only way in which i would be ok with this would be if she's totally aware of this and she's the one making that decision, paying him etc. Otherwise, it's plain disgusting to settle for less because of her "situation" while they feed her with toxic lies. Especially the one who's allegedly "loving" her.
  10. I agree with this. We will be more annoying to them if we simply don't stop spreading awareness about #freebritney with actual facts, rather than pressing the unfollow button
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