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  1. I guess I'm the only one, but around 2015 there were rumours about her and her hot bodyguard. You know the tall and muscular one, def not Aidan 😅. I don't recall his name but he was super hot. I just remembered, is Asriel or something like that.
  2. If Britney had a daughter she could name her Lynne Lynne.
  3. Somebody needs to make one with the legendary queen of pop Lou.
  4. Stop what?? It's an opinion. I didn't attack anybody. Grow up.
  5. I meaan his name was mentioned. Of course he'd run to make most out of it.
  6. BREAKING NEWS: Jaimie files motion to extend the conservatorship to the Pink Planet, aka GJ 504b alongside Jupiter and Mars
  7. I agree. The "internet connection problem" and Sam friend's interview were effective enough. I guess we'll start in mid August
  8. I doubt that. Even if she's free, her kids will be 15, 16 or even more. It's too late for courts and custodies since they are not like 7 or 8. They ruined it for her big time. She will never have what she wanted the most.💔
  9. Did anyone else zoom in her henna tattoo for any hint or was it just me?
  10. Definitely Lou. That evil bi*tch came outta nowhere, stalked her, brainwashed everyone and stole her life. Then the doctors and lawyers. I think that Jamie is not a favourite cause their family is messed up and who knows she might show some mercy out of superiority.
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